Local journalist joins the bandwagon of shaming private citizens who speak freely.

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OPINION: Character Assassination By Media

Local journalist Paul Gable joined the bandwagon of those working to shame, or worse, shut down freedom of speech in Horry County and America.

Paul Gable
Grand Strand Daily

Gable is the publisher of the Grand Strand Daily. In a recent article, Gable writes:

A friend of mine, Drexel Drew, took great exception to the article, as is his right to do. He posted the following comment, “I’m very disappointed in Paul Gable! Shame on you. The Majority of the people in Conway do not hold her [Current Mayor Blaine-Bellamy] same twisted beliefs. Wonder how much you were paid to write this by her campaign.”

What’s Good For Biden is Good For Gay Pride Proclaimer Blaine-Bellamy

Circling the wagons
Circling the wagons

Gable calls Drexel a “friend of mine”. However, we doubt Drexel found the article friendly.

Gable has now twice written articles espousing the Gay Pride Agenda of Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune and CRAIG MCGEE (HE/HIM) Director of Myrtle Beach Pride.

In his latest article Gable goes after a private resident who simply shared his beliefs on his own Facebook page. We searched and found no record of Drew ever running for public office.


Not only that, Gable goes after the private resident’s business affairs. Writes Gable:

Drew is a successful independent insurance broker and financial advisor. One of the companies he represents is Progressive Insurance. In the newsroom section of the Progressive Insurance website, you can find the statement, “The company (Progressive) provides transgender-inclusive healthcare and domestic partner benefits and has worked to publicly engage with the LGBTQ community.”

Drew publicly chastised [Conway Mayor] Blaine-Bellamy for “her twisted beliefs” yet he has no problem placing business with an insurance company who works to “publicly engage with the LGBTQ community” and provides “transgender-inclusive healthcare.” Gable did not call Drew. Gable can not honestly say that he knows Drew has “no problems” with this corporate policy.

Gable goes on: Anyone who knows Drew should know he is one of the biggest Clemson University fans in the nation. Clemson goes much further in engaging the LGBTQ community.

Clemson University’s website, Clemson.edu, contains the following statement, “Clemson University works to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) community through several programs, services, and advocacy efforts.”

Events at Clemson include the Pride Prom at the University’s Barnes Center with the invitation statement, “Come out to celebrate PRIDE at the Barnes Center on Friday, April 7th from 10 PM to midnight! It’ll be an evening of food, music, photos, and fun! All Clemson students, faculty, and staff are invited. Please bring your Clemson ID, your LOVE, and wear whatever makes you proud!!” Once again, Gable never called Drew to ask his opinion of these Clemson policies.

Gable is working directly from the left’s “shame and guilt by association” playbook. Such actions, like these, put a complete chill on freedom of speech and Gable is too practiced in his craft not to know this.

The City of Conway has over 27,000 residents. Reports we have been given access to show that Conway has 13 publicly known gay residents. These gay residents each should have a voice.

However, the other 26,987 should be allowed to express their voice as well without being publicly shamed by Mr. Gable.

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