Long Bay Theatre presents The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical

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This December 2nd-11th, The Long Bay Theatre will be featuring the Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical.

The show location is the DREAM HOUSE THEATRE at 10177 N. King’s Hwy in Briarcliffe Acres. The performance will be held inside the Myrtle Beach Mall. Tickets can be purchased here.

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Tickets start at $36 per person for general admission.

From the Long Bay Theatre website: Everyone has a Scrooge in their life, but count your blessings you don’t have a Darlene. Darlene is basically the year-round Grinch for Armadillo Acres, North Florida’s premier mobile living community. Armadillo Acres during Christmas time would put Disney to shame as being the “happiest place on earth” if it wasn’t for Darlene. Day after day, she puts a damper on her neighbor’s happy-go-lucky-and-belly-full-of-beer life.

Until she acquires a case of amnesia, that is. Scrooge-y old Darlene is no longer so Scrooge-like. Her neighbors: Lin, Betty, and Pickles are faced with dilemma after dilemma that will keep you HOWLING and questioning how your mama raised you even after the musical ends.

The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical is more than amouth full, it’s a good time. So leave the kids at home, for this one is a bit out of their league. The stereotypcial trailer park characters are not so politically correct with some mouths that should be washedout with soap. Join us for some belly aching laughs! WARNING: This Play contains STRONG LANGUAGE

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