Moving to Myrtle Beach? 10 Preparations You Need to Make

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The south is a colorful and warm place. Moving to Myrtle Beach would take significant effort if you are from at least a few states away. There are many considerations in moving your entire life to a completely different area in the country. Have you prepared a checklist for your big move? Maybe the following preparations can help.

#1 Preparation: Shipping Your Car

This is one of the first things to get ready for your move. The window for shipping your car within the country is about four weeks. It is better to ship your car three to four weeks before your big move to Myrtle Beach. Browsing through car shipping companies will help you find the right carrier for your vehicle. Whether you are retiring or looking to start something new in Myrtle Beach, preparing the documents and your car will make the process smoother.

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Stay Informed

Making sure your car is clean, fixed, fueled, and sealed is important for its shipping. Bringing your car to your trusted mechanic for a welfare check can help spot any problems. There should not be any fluids leaking from your vehicle. This could damage your car.

Another resource for shipping your vehicle:

#2 Preparation: Getting a South Carolina Driver’s License

For moving to Myrtle Beach, you will need to apply for a South Carolina driver’s license. You can prepare the documents you will need. The SCDMV (South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles) will let you use the license you have in your current state of residence for 90 days. You will then surrender your old driver’s license to the SCDMV and get your new license. Filling Form 447-NC or Form 447-CDL(Application for South Carolina Credential) weeks before you move will help start the process before you even get there.

#3 Preparation: Registering Your Vehicle

You need to transfer your out-of-state car registration to South Carolina within 45 days of your move. You can prepare for this by filling out the registration and title by mail. You can download Form 400, Application for Certificate of Title/Registration, and fill it. Then you can mail it to the proper department address. You must remember to change your address with your car insurance provider before you register your car.

#4 Preparation: Notifying Your New Utility Companies

Contacting your new area utility companies before you move will give you a functioning living space by the time you arrive. Doing this a month before you get there is ideal. Giving the companies a specific start date will ensure a start date on your billing. It will also give you peace of mind knowing you will have power, gas, and water by the time you move in. You can also contact the cable, Wi-Fi, phone, and waste management in advance.

#5 Preparation: Preparing for Transferring Students

Going online and downloading the list of South Carolina schools in your new home’s district is the first thing to do. This will give you an idea of how the system is. If you have children, inquiring about the documents for their school transfer must be early. Doing this months before the move will inform the school about their new students. Completing all the applications and forms before your kids arrive will make their transition smooth.

#6 Preparation: Securing Travel Gear for Your Pets

Travel crates for your furry family members will prevent them from stressing out. You can also get them crate covers to calm them while they travel. Going through a big move can be stressful for everyone. Pets are the more sensitive to any kind of change. Contacting pet transport services will help tailor their travel experience. Giving a specific date to the pet transport company will get your pets’ needs ready for the move.

#7 Preparation: Changing Your Address

It is crucial to change your address for your mail, bank, online shopping sites, and subscriptions. The same goes for the IRS and insurance providers. This will ensure the continuity of your accounts. It also helps you get your deliveries diverted to your new home.

Having a new address also means that you must register as a new voter in South Carolina. Accomplishing this means getting a driver’s license with your Myrtle Beach address. You can download the forms you need. Then, you can send them back online. You can also send the filled documents through airmail or fax. You can even submit the completed forms in person.

#8 Preparation: Securing Your Travel for Moving Day

Deciding how you will travel to Myrtle Beach is another aspect you must finalize. Driving to your new home will be exhausting. The fastest way to get to your southern home is by plane. You can pack light to keep the travel smooth and stress-free. Informing your professional moving company of your moving date will allow them to calculate when they should have everything packed and loaded onto the moving trucks.

#9 Preparation: Keeping Your Valuables on Hand

It is better to keep your personal documents, IDs, jewelry, passports, credit cards, mobile gadgets, and other valuables in a bag where they fit. Keeping these items with you at all times will prevent their loss. It will also make it easier to pull out what the airport needs on moving day.

#10 Preparation: Getting the New Home Ready

You can make a special trip to Myrtle Beach and have your new residence cleaned up. You can do this a week before moving day. Preparing your new home will make it easier for everyone to settle in right away. Hiring professional cleaners will ensure your health and safety on moving day. Sanitizing your new home is also a good way to keep pathogens out.

Anticipating Needs Can Make Your Move Easier and Faster

In general, moving from one town to another is hectic enough. It is even more tedious to move from one state to another. Knowing what to prepare for will prevent cramming. It will also prevent you from leaving anything valuable behind. Good preparation will remove any kind of stress on moving day.


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