Restaurant and hotel jobs vacancies top 1 million employees needed

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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In an email sent to MyrtleBeachSC News this week, Greg Staley,  Senior Vice President, Communications of the U.S. Travel Association reported that hotel jobs and restaurant jobs need 1 million additional workers as of September 3rd. This to fill all vacant positions.

Hotel jobs pay low wages. Even with tips restaurant jobs also require hard work with unrewarding pay.

Hotel jobs

The USTA also stated that with Covid 19 issues now highlighted by the government, the TSA screened 9.5 million passengers over labor day.

  1. Labor Day TSA screenings shatter pre-pandemic numbers: The TSA screened 9.5 million passengers this 4-day Labor Day holiday weekend, an 11% increase (nearly 1 million more) over the 8.6 million the same weekend in 2019, pointing to strength in this economic sector. To meet increased demand and ensure appropriate staffing levels, the Federal Aviation Administration must hire 1,800 air traffic controllers per year over the next three years, which the U.S. Senate must address immediately in the pending FAA reauthorization bill.
  2. Congress has just 11 days to avoid government shutdown, major economic troubles: During the 2018-19 shutdown, the estimated loss was $100 million per day for the travel economy alone. U.S. Travel is currently calculating the estimated impact of another shutdown—the damage will be significant if Congress doesn’t act quickly to fund the government.
  3. Leisure and Hospitality job openings top 1 million amid cooling labor market: Leisure & Hospitality job openings remain stuck at 1.2 million, despite the sector adding 40,000 jobs last month. Those numbers include hotel jobs and restaurant jobs. Openings in the Leisure & Hospitality sector are disproportionately high compared to openings in the rest of the economy, which fell to their lowest level since March 2021. 

Why it matters:

American travel businesses need workers as demand for travel only increases—and without significant changes to the H-2B program for hotel jobs, travel growth won’t be fully realized. U.S. Travel is calling on Congress to ensure final FY24 appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security includes a cap exemption for returning H-2B workers, which would significantly expand the number of available H-2B visas for workers.

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