SC AG Alan Wilson promises to gut the JMSC

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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In a bold and unprecedented move, South Carolina’s Attorney General, Alan M. Wilson, has set his sights on a controversial institution – the Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC). With unwavering determination, Wilson promises to gut this corrupt organization and pave the way for true justice reform in the state. On July 10th, Wilson informed 30 legislators at a panel forum the critical need for judicial reform in S.C. The panel discussed the legislative journey through corruption, power struggles, and ultimately, hope for a fairer judicial system in South Carolina!

The JMSC is corrupt and needs to be gutted

The Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC) – it sounds like a noble institution, doesn’t it? One that upholds the values of fairness and integrity in selecting judges for South Carolina’s courts. But beneath its glossy façade lies a web of corruption that has tainted the very essence of justice.

One cannot deny the power dynamics at play within the JMSC. It is an organization dominated by political influence, where favoritism trumps meritocracy. The appointment process is marred by backroom deals and cronyism, with little regard for qualifications or impartiality. The S.C. House Leader was recently recorded saying that Judicial Appointments were being traded for legislative agreements.

The result? Judges who owe their positions to political connections rather than their legal expertise.

S.C. Senator Luke Rankin Head of Judiciary
S.C. Senator Luke Rankin Head of Judiciary – Back door deals are common.

Furthermore, there have been numerous instances where ethical violations have been swept under the rug by the JMSC, shielding corrupt individuals from facing consequences for their actions. This blatant disregard for accountability erodes public trust in our judicial system and undermines its credibility.

It is high time we acknowledge that this institution is fundamentally flawed and in desperate need of reform. AG Wilson recognizes this urgent need and stands as a beacon of hope amidst these murky waters.

With his unwavering commitment to justice, Wilson plans to gut the JMSC from within – dismantling its stronghold on judicial appointments and establishing a new framework based on transparency and merit-based selections. By removing politics from the equation, he aims to restore faith in our judiciary system while ensuring competent judges hold positions they rightfully deserve.

Luke Rankin JMSC
Rankin’s questionable appointments on JMSC – Alan Clemmons (left) Judge Mullen (right)

This move may not be without opposition; after all, those benefiting from this broken status quo will undoubtedly fight tooth and nail to preserve their unjust advantage. But we must stand united behind AG Wilson’s quest for true justice reform – one that restores fairness, impartiality, and integrity to our courts.

In taking swift action against corruption within the JMSC, Wilson sends a powerful message: South Carolina deserves better than an inherently flawed system dictated by political maneuvering. We deserve judges who are qualified based on their merit, not their connections. And it is through his determination and unwavering

Wilson believes the best way to do so is to allow the executive branch (S.C. Governor) to make judicial appointments with advise and consent from the S.C. legislature.

SC AG Wilson is the man for the job

SC AG Wilson is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to tackling corruption and restoring justice in South Carolina. With his unwavering determination and dedication, he has proven time and again that he is the right person for the job of gutting the corrupt JMSC.

As Attorney General, Wilson understands the importance of upholding the law and ensuring fairness in our judicial system. He recognizes that the JMSC, also known as the Judicial Merit Selection Commission, plays a crucial role in nominating judges for appointment by the governor. However, over time, this commission has become entangled in its own web of corruption. One key example is how the Horry County Senator became Head of the S.C. Judiciary. As the link here explains the S.C. Trial Lawyers, headed by convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh, contributed $200,000 in dark monies to take out the then sitting Judicial Head, making Rankin the new head.

Alex Murdaugh
Convicted family murderer Alex Murdaugh, past President S.C. Trial Lawyers.

Wilson believes that transparency should be at the forefront of every government institution. Unfortunately, this has not been the case with the JMSC. Through shady backroom dealings and political favors, deserving candidates have been overlooked while less qualified individuals have risen to positions of power.

To combat this corruption head-on, Wilson plans to dismantle and restructure this flawed system from within. By implementing stricter oversight measures and enhancing accountability mechanisms, he aims to restore integrity to the process of judicial nominations.

Gutting the JMSC will bring about several benefits for South Carolina citizens. It will ensure fair representation in our family courts and criminal courts by appointing judges based on merit rather than political connections or personal agendas. It will restore public trust in our judiciary system – an essential component for maintaining a functioning democracy.

With SC AG Wilson leading charge against corruption within our state’s institutions like no other before him! It is clear that his commitment lies not just with upholding justice but also with fighting tirelessly against those who seek to undermine it.

What the JMSC does and why it’s corrupt

The Judicial Merit Selection Commission (JMSC) is an essential component of the South Carolina judicial system. Its primary responsibility is to evaluate candidates for judicial positions and make recommendations to the governor for appointment. On the surface, this process may seem fair and impartial, but beneath its seemingly noble intentions lies a web of corruption.

One of the main reasons why the JMSC is corrupt is its lack of transparency. The commission operates behind closed doors, making it nearly impossible for citizens to know how decisions are made or who influences them. This secrecy creates an environment ripe for favoritism and backroom deals.

Furthermore, there have been numerous instances where highly qualified and respected individuals were overlooked by the JMSC in favor of politically connected candidates with questionable qualifications. This blatant disregard for meritocracy undermines public trust in our judiciary system.

Additionally, allegations have been raised about conflicts of interest within the JMSC itself. It has been suggested that some commissioners may be swayed by personal relationships or political affiliations when evaluating candidates. Such biases erode confidence in the integrity of our judicial branch.

In order to address these issues and restore faith in our justice system, SC AG Wilson plans to gut the JMSC entirely. His proposed reforms aim to bring more transparency into the selection process by opening it up to public scrutiny. Additionally, he intends to implement stricter guidelines regarding conflicts of interest within the commission.

By dismantling this corrupt institution and implementing meaningful reforms, we can ensure that judges are appointed based on their qualifications rather than political connections or personal ties. A transparent and unbiased selection process will ultimately lead to a stronger judiciary that commands respect from both legal professionals and citizens alike.

It’s time for change – it’s time for AG Wilson’s plan to gut the JMSC! Join us in supporting these crucial reforms that will restore integrity and fairness within our judicial system! Together, we can create a South Carolina where justice truly prevails!

How Wilson plans to gut the JMSC

SC AG Wilson has made it clear that he is determined to tackle the corruption within the JMSC head-on. His plan for gutting the organization involves a strategic approach that aims to dismantle its corrupt practices and restore integrity in the judicial system.

Wilson intends to demand stringent reforms aimed at ensuring transparency and accountability within the JMSC. This includes allowing the S.C. Governor to appointment and promote judges, as well as establishing an independent oversight committee tasked with monitoring their performance.

Furthermore, Wilson plans to advocate for legislative changes that would either eliminate or limit the powers of the JMSC and provide greater checks and balances on their decision-making process. This would help prevent abuse of power and curb any potential instances of corruption.

By taking these decisive actions, SC AG Wilson aims not only to gut out corruption from within the JMSC but also instill public trust in South Carolina’s judicial system once again. It is through his relentless determination that he seeks justice for all citizens by holding those responsible accountable while restoring faith in our legal institutions.

The benefits of gutting the JMSC

The benefits of gutting the JMSC are plentiful and promising. By dismantling this corrupt organization, South Carolina Attorney General Wilson is taking a significant step towards restoring justice and fairness in our state.

Getting rid of the JMSC will eliminate the breeding ground for corruption that has plagued our judicial system and our state for far too long. With its unchecked power and lack of accountability, the JMSC has allowed unethical practices to thrive within our courts. By dismantling it, we can pave the way for a more transparent and trustworthy judiciary.

Gutting the JMSC will help restore public confidence in our legal system. The perception of bias and favoritism associated with this organization erodes trust among citizens who rely on fair treatment under the law. Removing it from the equation will send a strong message that integrity and impartiality matter above all else.

Furthermore, without the JMSC’s influence, we can expect a more merit-based selection process for judges. This means qualified individuals will have better opportunities to serve on benches across South Carolina rather than being overlooked due to political connections or personal agendas.

In addition to these immediate benefits, gutting the JMSC opens up possibilities for meaningful reform within our judicial system as a whole. It provides an opportunity to address other systemic issues that may have been perpetuated by this corrupt entity.

By removing this source of corruption and inefficiency from our judicial landscape, we create an environment where justice can truly prevail. The benefits extend beyond just one organization; they reach every citizen who deserves equal treatment under the law.

The Attorney General’s Press Release follows:


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