Struggling To Relax? Tips To Help You Unwind

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Marleny Hucks
Marlene (or Marleny as she is known in Spanish) is a mentor, teacher, cross-cultural trainer, storyteller, writer, and for those who have been under her leadership or simply sat across the table from her, she is a mirror of destiny. Her love of word and image were formed early on by one of her heroes, Dr. Seuss. If you asked those who know her well, they would describe her a compassionate, funny, wise, curious, honest, real, strong, sensitive and totally human which comes out as she teaches and writes. She sees all of life, even the most mundane, through faith and believes that who we become as we live this side of the veil is what matters not the journey itself or our circumstances. Marleny Hucks has spent her life crossing bridges. She comes from a diverse background of ministry roles and contexts as well as has transitioned in and out of the business world. Having lived outside the country as well as traveled extensively she has a fascination with culture causes her to live her life within a global mosaic no matter where her feet are planted. Marlene currently lives in South Carolina with her husband David, who owns a news company but who she says is a “crime fighter”, bringing light into darkness in their systems of their city. Marleny currently works as a content management specialist covering Myrtle Beach News for MyrtleBeachSC News.

Do you struggle to relax? Are you always on edge, or do you find it impossible to switch off after a busy day at work or a tough week? If you long to feel calm and serene, here are some tips to help you unwind. 

Manage your time

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Stay Informed

Many of us find it hard to relax because we have too much going on in our lives. We work long hours and we don’t schedule time out. Start managing your time outside of work in the same way as your working hours. Take time out to exercise, enjoy hobbies, socialize and take breaks. Block out evenings and weekends and get into the habit of shutting down or leaving the office on time. Learn to say no. You don’t have to accept every invitation if you’re craving a night in front of the TV or you’re exhausted, and you shouldn’t feel pressured to work overtime on a regular basis. 

Consider self-help techniques

Stress and anxiety are very common. If you are prone to stress, or you feel anxious or restless, it’s worth exploring some self-help techniques, which could help you to feel more relaxed. Examples include breathing exercises, hypnosis downloads or guided sessions, meditation and massage therapy. These methods and remedies are designed to help you to relax your body and mind, tackle stress triggers and induce a sense of calm and tranquility. 


Exercise may be the last thing on your mind if you’ve been rushing around like a headless chicken, or you’re tired, but physical activity can have incredible benefits for your mental health. The act of moving your body releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones, and it also increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. You should experience a natural high, which gives you energy and confidence. Regular exercise can also aid sleep and reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. You can also use activities and sports to express yourself and control emotions. You may find that exercises like yoga, swimming, walking and Pilates help you calm down after a hectic day or activities like running, boxing and playing tennis help you channel anger or frustration. 

Establish an evening routine

Getting into a routine at night can make an incredible difference to your psychological wellbeing and your sleep quality. Use your evenings to unwind and get your body and mind ready for sleep and embrace self-care. Run a bath, read a book, watch TV, chat to friends on the phone, listen to music or enjoy quality time with your family. Go to bed at the same time every night, make sure your bedroom is a tranquil haven and avoid doing anything that could make you feel stressed, such as checking work emails. It’s best to avoid taking phones and tablets into your bedroom. 

Do you find it hard to relax? If you’re struggling to sleep, you feel like you’re always swimming against the tide, or you find it difficult to switch off, take these tips on board. Manage your schedule, take time out, exercise regularly, embrace a new evening routine and consider self-help techniques, such as hypnosis, meditation and breathing exercises. 

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