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Mark Lazarus
Mark Lazarus, Alan Clemmons, James Wiles, Dreama Purdue

The Legacy Of Lazarus

UPDATE:  SATURDAY P.M. JUNE 16th.  Lazarus Concedes.  Johnny Gardner Horry County Council Chairman Elect

Friday, June 15th, marked a grueling day in the drama that is the Horry County Council Chair’s race.  Incumbent Mark Lazarus, and his acting attorney, Jim Wiles, challenged the process and brought it to a complete stand still.  For over seven hours little to nothing happened.   The elections commission began the day by informing the press that just over approximately 200 votes in Oceanforest 2  had not been accounted for.

By day’s end, the vote tally still showed Johnny Gardner 111 votes ahead.

Mark Lazarus has been a leading character in all things Horry County for the past decade.

History is odd, in that those who are making it, usually are unaware they leave a permanent legacy in the moments when they do.   Their short-term actions affect the events of their time and the prospects for all who follow.  From Francis Marion, to Peter Horry, to F.G. Burroughs, to our current age, the pages of Horry County’s own history are filled with men who were unaware of the historical impact of the decisions they made and events they lived during their times.

So it is with Mark Lazarus and the Lazarus era.  Few in Horry County believe that Johnny Gardner somehow stole this election from Chairman Lazarus.  Lazarus had the full weight of the entire local system behind his campaign.

Mark Lazarus is currently embroiled in what appears to be a self seeking mission to ensure he maintains his position as County Council Chairman.  He has every right to do so.

In reality, his firemen and county police are watching along with area residents as Lazarus’ efforts cast a cloud over the entire process.

The era that Lazarus leads, has been highlighted as a colluded history defined by a concentrated power-grab where a few elite business leaders put the full weight of local government to their own best purposes.  The era was clearly a self serving one.

Mr. Lazarus may just win his fight to hold on to power.  Will he win the fight to maintain a legacy worthy of his calling?



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