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The last two years have seen the ways in which we use our homes changing beyond recognition, turning the properties that we previously relied on as a peaceful kind of stop-gap into the centers of our universes and, in many cases, the only spaces where we were actually able to safely be. 

This has seen some pretty major recent shakeups to home decor trends, including two years where home offices and well-designed playrooms were all the rage when it came to keeping everyone’s sanity in check. Now, however, as 2022 sees us all returning to a world that, in many cases, looks very different, home decor is once again shifting, and it’s leading the way for us to find peace once more in this real new normal. 

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For homeowners who have either been unable or unwilling to make home-based changes during parts shortages, shopping limitations, and beyond, 2022 certainly seems like a great time to refresh those interiors at last. The question is, what are the trends that you would be best off following when you finally decide to get a paintbrush in hand? 

Trend 1: Biophilic interiors

Biophilic interiors might sound like something you would have learned about in chemistry class, but this is actually a surprisingly simple trend to get right. With recent lockdowns and outdoor limitations to blame for their popularity, biophilic interiors specifically center around natural architecture focuses, including the use of earthy tones, the introduction of greenery through living walls, etc., and the true facilitation of natural light to transform any space. 

According to Amanda Thompson of Aline Studio, a biophilic interior focus is especially effective for creating calm in the home and ensuring that we can all regain the natural connections that our recent lifestyles have often left us out of touch with. Homeowners looking to get started here should especially consider how they’re using natural light, both by prioritizing customizable replacement window options that ensure access for as much light as possible, and by utilizing techniques like light color choices and reflective surfaces. Further to this, biophilic interiors should treat house plants as the central elements to any room, meaning that stocking up on plenty of house plant options is essential, and that furniture or layout should be reconsidered with these focuses in mind. 

Trend 2: Calming bedrooms

After two years that have seen many of our bedrooms shifting solely to the practical as they became makeshift offices, it’s also not surprising to hear that a focus on the creation of more calming bedrooms once more is another pressing decor priority. 

Typically referred to as ‘sleep sanctuaries’, modern bedroom design especially rests on focuses like soothing pastel color palettes and the layering of comforting textures like satin, linen, and even faux fur. Removing clutter and distractions is also key to reclaiming our bedrooms right now according to top interior experts, and can be best achieved by stripping back to a minimally-centered bedroom focus that finally sees us getting rid of desks in our bedrooms, and even stripping back on unnecessary bedroom additions like bookcases, etc. Instead, everything in this space moving forward should be about sleep, and ensuring the most comfortable environments possible to make that happen. 

Trend 3: The bolder the better

Elsewhere in the house, interior design right now is all about bringing the laughter back into our lives with bold, bright patterns and designs that are about as far from recent minimalist focuses as they possibly could be. According to Beth Diana Smith, these patterns will especially be reminiscent of the boldness that we saw in the 60s and 70s and will incorporate bright greens, stripes, animal prints, and other additions that have largely been out of favor leading up to this season. 

Outside of specifically bold prints, we can also expect to see generally maximalist moves towards bright paint colors in general, with colorful kitchens especially expected to become the next big things. These spaces which have always experienced generally muted or neutral color palettes certainly look set to benefit from splashes of even prints and patterns, mixed with brighter tones like pinks and greens, that will finally inject a sense of fun into what’s always previously been a practical space within the home. 

Trend 4: Sustainable home solutions

In an age where more of us than ever care about our impact on the environment, it’s also not surprising that sustainable solutions are paving the way when it comes to the modern ideas we’re using to spruce up our homes right now. In fact, even top interior designers are considering more generally sustainable practices and materials at the moment, making way for more reusable, resellable furniture that’s designed using natural and organic materials like reclaimed wood and recycled glass. 

A focus on upcycling the furniture we already have is also set to take the interior world by storm this season, making it possible to entirely overhaul our homes for a brand new finish that saves us both money and resources. Homeowners simply need to consider how designers are using materials to create fantastic pieces, and what they can do with their own existing decor to achieve much the same sustainable finishes. 

Trend 5: Taking it back to the traditional 

Perhaps due to our desire to move back to a life that’s generally more familiar, traditional home decor is also stealing a top spot on most interior trends lists this year. Also tied up with sustainability focuses, a return to lasting decor has especially seen us leaning back on traditional home pieces that are made to last, including granite worktops and antique centerpieces in general.

Furniture has also taken a turn for the more traditional, with interior designers predicting that homeowners will increasingly start turning to additions like skirted furniture and, in particular, 1970s decor inspirations that are set to come complete with increased use of wood tones, and highly texture fabrics. 

Keeping up with trend-based appearances

It’s clear to see that 2022 is a step away from the decor trajectory that many of us have been following in recent years, and for some, that step will prove to be a breath of fresh air. However, for homeowners who have already been pushed to the edge in recent years, both financially and in terms of their house-based visions, getting on top of these trends can often feel like a harder task than you might expect. If you fall into this category, then the best possible ways to keep up with these styles include –

  • Hiring professionals to take care of interiors for you
  • Focusing on upcycling/reusing existing decor
  • Seeking plenty of home-based inspiration (Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
  • Keeping your eye out for pieces that appeal to you
  • Etc.

As we all emerge from the homes that have become our havens in recent years, distance can especially make it easier to see where these decor trends can be easily implemented within your home. Before you know it, you’ll then be able to ensure a space that feels fresh and satisfying to return to in a way that it perhaps hasn’t for some time. This can prove transformative and, to recap, is reliant on your understanding of top 2022 interior trends that include – 

  • Biophilic interiors
  • ‘Sleep sanctuary’ bedrooms
  • Bold and bright designs
  • Sustainable solutions 
  • Traditional focuses
  • And much more

So, what is it that you’re waiting for? It’s past time that you transformed every room in your property into a design hit fit for your new life as we move ever further into 2022. 

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