Which Chinese group funds Newsbreak?

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International Data Group (IDG) Capital, based in Beijing, China, a global investment institute established in 1993 funds the news group Newsbreak.

Harry Shum, who works for Microsoft, is currently leading Newsbreak as the chairman. At the same time, Vincent Wu, who previously worked for Yahoo and HuffPost, is the Chief Operating Officer for the company.

Is Newsbreak more inclined towards liberal or conservative views? Examining bias credibility.

Before determining if Newsbreak displays any bias, it is crucial to consider that the platform does not create its own news content. If bias is present, it is necessary to determine whether it leans towards a liberal or conservative viewpoint.

The news platform collects news stories from a variety of external media sources.

We examined various sources that included approximately one hundred different stories and used Media Bias/Fact Check’s (MBFC) ratings of Newsbreak’s external sources to assess bias. The most commonly featured media sources were NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and The Hill. These sources are categorized as follows:

  • Left Biased: 16%
  • Left-Center Biased: 38%
  • Least Biased: 40%
  • Right-Center Biased: 0%
  • Right Biased: 6%

The results of the evaluation reveal that just 6% of the news sources analyzed displayed a ‘right-wing’ bias, with 40% being least biased. In contrast, 16% showed a ‘left-wing’ bias and 38% had a left-center bias, indicating that 54% of the news sources leaned towards the left side.

It should be noted that the analysis mentioned above only used national news sources and excluded local news, which can differ depending on where the user is located.

Does Newsbreak Publish Reliable News?

40% of the news featured in Newsbreak is considered to have a low bias, which may be one of the reasons why many reputable sources have ranked it as one of the top digital news platforms. Despite this, Newsbreak relies on numerous unreliable sources among its 10,000 national and local content sources. For example, they have published reports on the Coronavirus from sources that have knowingly or unknowingly included false information.

NewsBreak Original

Furthermore, Newsbreak has included satirical news pieces alongside legitimate news stories, leading to concerns about its trustworthiness and accuracy. By including satire in its national news coverage, the credibility of the information provided by Newsbreak is called into question.

Now that you are aware of Newsbreak’s political leanings and credibility, let’s take a look at the app’s level of popularity.

Newsbreak Popularity

Newsbreak is a highly popular news app with over 50 million installs, particularly in the United States where it covers more than 99% of all app installations. It has seen a significant rise in its global ranking this year, jumping from 5,038th in May 2023 to 3,456th by July 2023. Additionally, the website experienced a 16.89% increase in traffic in July 2023 compared to the previous month.

Newsbreak appeals to individuals of various age demographics, but the majority of its visitors fall within the age range of 54 to 64. With a wide selection of news sources totaling over 10 thousand, Newsbreak consistently draws in an average of 23 million visitors each month, with nearly equal representation of both genders.

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