10 Things to Do When Moving to a New Home

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Moving to a new place is more than hiring movers in Fairfax VA. It is a common misconception that finding the right movers, packing, and unpacking is all that matters to settle well in the new home. However, what matters most is what you do after moving in. If you are at the precipice of moving into a new house and don’t know where to start, here are 10 things to do. 

1. Walk through the house

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There is no better time to walk around the house freely than when it is completely empty. Before you unload your stuff from the moving truck, always take the time to look thoroughly to see if everything is as per the contract. 

2. Child or pet-proof the place

If you have a child or a pet (or both), then on moving day, your priority should be creating a safe space for them. Child or pet-proofing will be the need of the hour, along with keeping any harmful objects away from them. 

3. Decide the layout and storage

When moving in, one of the most time-consuming things is arranging your items in the new place. Save your time by planning your layout and storage space beforehand. Thus, give yourself some time to think about where to keep specific things. 

4. Set up the utilities

Ideally, by the time moving day comes about, you have already arranged for the utilities to be ready for when you arrive at the new place. On the day you move, you should ensure all the utilities like water and electricity are connected. 

5. Find the water valve and fuse box

You never know when you may need access to the water valve and the fuse box. When in need, you can’t scramble around to find these two. Therefore, on moving day, locate the box and the valve to ensure you have easy access.

6. Deep clean the house

Deep cleaning the house is the best way to ensure your living space is hygienic. Just after moving is the best time to deep clean the house, even if you don’t feel like taking up a mop and bucket right after moving in. 

7. Get the repairs the done

If you got a home inspection, you might already know what repairs are needed in the house. Even if you don’t, a thorough walkthrough will tell you what you need to get done. Once you know, proceed to repair them.

8. Get the locks changed

Perhaps one of the first things to get done in a new house is getting new locks and keys. You simply don’t know who may have access. So, don’t risk it and change the locks as soon as you finish moving. 

9. Change your mailing address

It is easy to forget this step, but not changing your mailing address can create hassles for you because all your bills and posts will land at your old place. Save yourself some trouble with proactiveness.

10. Meet the neighbors

Finally, it’s time to go from door to door and meet your new neighbors. Your neighborhood and the relations you have with neighbors can majorly affect your experience in the new house. So, meet them on the moving day itself. 

ConclusionFrom walking through the house and deciding the layout to meeting your neighbors, there are plenty of tasks waiting for you once you move into a new house. Doing each of these at the right time and properly helps you settle in at the place easily and without any hassle. So, are you ready to build a new home?

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