10 Ways To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

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You spend your time styling the interior of your property and now that the interior is just right, it is not time to consider your outside space.

First impressions are everything. How your home looks from the curb and outside sets the tone for how it may look when you go in. Not only does keeping the front of your home clean and tidy keep you on good terms with your neighbors, but it will also send a warm invitation to any guest and visitors you have and give you a sense of pride when you get home each day. Whether you are looking to create a sense of charm or make the front of your property a little unique there are many simple and low cost ways to transform the front of your property. 

Also, in the future, if you are ever thinking about selling your property, these first impressions make all the difference to potential buyers. 

But, bringing the front of your home up to this standard can sometimes feel a little daunting if you don’t know where to start. Of course, the most obvious option is to paint the door and all windows. It gives the home a fresh look. But there are many other options as well.

Clean Up Your Property

Before considering making any changes you want to get the front of your property looking its best. Using Under Pressure Soft Wash and Power Washing will help remove any dirt build-up  that happens over time and bring the exterior of your property back to its best. Once the dirt has been removed it then allows to be able to truly see what needs doing. If there is any part of the exterior of your property that needs updating or repairing. 

If you’re having a hard time with this process, you may even enlist the help of professionals. Make sure to do some research and find out more details about how a cleaning company can relieve you of the responsibility of doing this for yourself. They’re experienced and will know exactly what products and methods to use to get the job done!

Add Planters 

Think about the front of your home in the same way you would with the interior. Think colours, contrast and textures. Adding plants to outside your home bring this to life instantly. With an array of different plants, different heights and colors you are drawing the eye to the front of your property. Adding a splash of color and allowing your personality to no longer be limited to the inside of your property. You don’t have to be especially green fngered to have planters. When looking to choose which ones, you can opt for low maintenance onces thatr require little to no effort or something that requires a little more attention if gardening is your passion. You can then add little extras to bring the charm level up a notch by adding accessories such as a watering can to the set up. 

Keep All Shrubs Trimmed

There is nothing less appealing that having the front of your home being hidden away by over grown plants and shrubs. Not only does it look untidy and messy but without regular trimming they can become unruly and stop your home benefiting from natural light. Just by simply maintaining these hedges you will instantly make your home more appealing from the curbside. 

Outdoor Seating

Having somewhere to sit, automoativally make your property more inviting. Is you have the space having a porch swing or a bench at the front not allows you to make your preporty social, but it adds homesly and welcoming features that draws the attention and creates a sense of warmth to the exterior of your home. To add to that even more, adding a little outdoor light, cushion and throw it will bring more texture and color making the outdoor astetics more pleasing. 

Redo your Walkway

If the walk way to your property is a little drab you will want to focus your attention on sprucing it up. Depending on whether it is just dirty or damaged will determine how much effort is required. Sometimes a simple jet wash will be sufficient, although if your path way has damaged or broken slabs it might be time to replace them. 

Add A Welcome Mat

Is there really anything more welcoming that a mat by your front door welcoming you home or your guests to your property. It adds a little fun to your property, it is a great way to showcase your personality and is a budget friendly option for any and all homes. As long as you sweep it often, it can really enhance that welcoming experience. 

Update Your Lighting

Pulling outside a dark house is never inviting. Lighting is a simple, easy and effective way to make the front of your home inviting and to add to curb appeal. Change out the old lights and add something bring and warm. Adding solar spot lights along your path will lightly and draw the eye to your property and showcase all of the updates that you have already applied. 

Paint The Front Of Your Home

Even with the front of your house being clean, it doesn’t always make it make it look appealing. Sometimes it will natural date. Updating the front of your home by painting it, although timely, is a surefire way to add your personality to the exterior and make the front of your home look fresh and inviting. If you are not able to commit to the time you could always opt to have the exterior painted by a professional. 

Be Bold

When it comes to the front of your home, you don’t have to shy away from bold colors. Whether you are adding new flowers or shrubs, to changing the color of your front door, be bold with your decision. Not only will this make your home stand out but it is an extension of your personality shining through. 

Seasonal Wreths

No matter the time of the year it is nice to give your home a little additional by adding the homely feature of wreaths. With these becoming more popular you will be able to have something hanging on your door all year round. You also have the luxury of being able to update this over the changing seasons to keep the front of your property on trend. 

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