How To Make Your Yard Look So Much Better

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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Your yard really can be an extension of your home, so it’s a shame when it looks neglected or uncared for. Rather than forgetting about your yard, there are some easy ways to make it look so much better. If you do this, you’ll use it more, the kids can play outside more and breathe in some fresh air, plus it makes an ideal space for entertaining, keeping your house clean and tidy because guests are outside.

Get Planting 

If you want your yard to look its best, you need to make it look alive and vibrant. The best – and easiest – way to do this is to plant some gorgeous shrubs and flowers. Choose plants that will work well in your yard; consider where the sun rises and sets and which areas are going to be shaded, and remember to use plants that are suited to the time of year and the soil you have in your yard. This will immediately brighten up the outside space and make it much more inviting. 

Keep It Neat 

Once you have planted some beautiful blooms, you’ll want to keep the yard looking neat and tidy. Go round and pull up any weeds you find, and mow the lawn too. Trim the hedges if you have any, and you’ll soon see how wonderful the entire space looks. Although the first time you do this, it is likely to take a while and be an effort, if you then keep up with it and do it every week or so, it will become much easier, and you might even enjoy the process. 

Make A Hard Edge 

Something that always looks smart in a backyard is a hard edge between the lawn and the flowerbeds. It makes everything look much more intentional rather than accidental and will help you to keep things tidy as well. The easiest way to do this is to install a line of brickwork to separate the areas, or a small fence or similar decoration. 

Lay Down Mulch 

Mulching your backyard provides a number of functions. A thick layer of mulch discourages weed growth while also protecting plant roots from being burned by the sun in the summer. As well as this, a nice, black mulch can help make the color of flower petals truly stand out. Mulch can be purchased for a few dollars for each bag, making it one of the best investments for your yard. Always buy one or two bags more than you think you’ll need, just to make sure; you wouldn’t want to run out partway through the job. 

Put Up Some Lattice 

Covering up unattractive parts of your yard of walls with white crisscross lattice can be an excellent idea that not only hides what you don’t want to see, but that actually enhances the garden itself, giving it an extra dimension. As a safety measure, it can also prevent young children from falling down stairs you might have in your backyard. Vinyl lattice is practically maintenance-free and inexpensive to buy.

Get A Second-Hand Bench

It’s remarkable how a simple piece of furniture like a bench can change a space in someone’s yard. It’s not difficult to find an old bench at yard sales or antique stores, and you can clean it up by sanding down any rough edges and repainting it. Put the seat beneath a tree or next to a flower garden to create an amazing feeling of space in the yard. People will love to be out there, making the most of the beautiful garden you’ve created. 

Build A Fire Pit 

On a chilly night, it’s great to sit out back and enjoy the warmth of a fire, and a fire pit can be a wonderful addition to any yard. Top-of-the-line fire pits might be costly to construct, but you can simply build one yourself using flat stones and cement or mortar over a gravel surface. All you need to do is make sure you have a bucket of sand nearby each time you use it, just in case of accidents. 

Install A Pond 

A pond can be a lovely addition to any landscape, including your backyard, and they’re not too difficult to build. A small polyethylene liner costs less than $100 in most cases. Simply dig a hole big enough and place the liner inside. You can gradually add flowers, lilypads, and fish to the pond when it’s ready. You may even attract frogs and newts and other creatures. Those with a bigger budget might want to think about installing a fountain or cascade in the pond to make it stand out even more. 

Power Washing 

Your lawn and flowerbeds should look neat and tidy, but what about any paving area you might have? Using a power washer to clean your patio or deck will make a massive difference to your yard and how it looks. If you want to, you can also power wash your house to make everything look great. Once you have done this, you might notice areas that could do with a new coat of paint, and if you do this job too, you’ll be so proud of the results. 

If you don’t have power or pressure washing equipment, or if you simply prefer to have experts do the work for you, hire professionals such as Propel Pressure Cleaning. In this way, you can enjoy the yard without putting in too much hard work yourself. 

Hot Tub 

If your yard has the space, then installing a hot tub is a great idea. Find the best one for you, and you can enjoy some real relaxation time outside in your lovely-looking yard. A hot tub can be used by the whole family, and when guests come over, they will love to use it too. Imagine coming home at the end of a hard day and being able to relax in your yard in a hot tub – it’s ideal for lowering stress levels and making more use of the outside space you have. 

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