Are Locksmith Fees Reasonable?

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Have you ever hired a locksmith and wondered if the price you are paying is reasonable? While their work may appear simple, locksmith services require extensive knowledge and skill. A professional locksmith may charge more if you require residential or commercial locksmith services. The fee that a locksmith charges takes a variety of variables into consideration.

Job Complexity

The complexity of a locksmith’s work is the biggest contributor to the cost equation. Some locks may have multiple problems to deal with. For instance, modern lockers and vaults feature smart locks that require a facial scan or thumb impression to unlock. Fixing such locks can be highly complex. More importantly, not all locksmiths have the expertise to fix such locks. Therefore locksmiths charge more to deal with such complexities on the job.

Upgrade Costs

Professional locksmith companies also offer security products to customers while fixing locks. Some locks are too complicated to be fixed. Locksmiths break to unlock them and recommend replacement locks with better quality. Modern locks can cost much depending on the place you are buying them for. For instance, if you get a new lock for a bank vault, you will need to cover purchasing and installation costs.

Travel Expenses

The traveling costs add to the bill if you live in an area far from a professional locksmith. Many homeowners overlook this factor when paying locksmiths. While it may seem minimal, the distance between a locksmith and your home may add fuel, vehicle maintenance, and additional costs (in case of accidents, injuries, etc.).

Service Availability

Locksmith service availability is another important factor that can affect the cost of locksmith services. Finding a locksmith at the time of the problem can be challenging, and locksmiths may charge more when they have to adjust an ongoing duty schedule. Additionally, availability can be affected by the location, with some areas having a higher demand than others. 

Security Services

Since locksmithing and security management go hand-in-hand, many professional companies offer both services to customers. For instance, if you call a locksmith to fix a broken lock, they may suggest that you need additional security to prevent any break-in attempts. Getting more services from the same company may add more costs to your bill.

Professional Experience

While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper, non-professional option, keep in mind that these services may not be as effective or long-lasting. It can be more cost effective to pay a higher fee to a professional locksmith who will fully resolve the issue at hand.

Insured Professionals

Like any other industry, the locksmith sector consists of insured professionals who do the job. Since fixing locks requires special tools, a locksmith may get injured in the process. The insurance plan covers accidental injuries and other costs. However, locksmiths pay insurance premiums monthly or annually to cover these costs. It is one of the factors why professional locksmiths cost more.

Finding a Professional Locksmith

When searching for a professional locksmith, is dedicated to providing customers with the best service possible. You can compare the portfolios and expertise of different locksmiths in your area, ask questions and discuss your specific problem with them before making a decision.

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