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Adding Smoking Into Your Lifestyle: Here Are 6 Things You Need

Smoking is something that a lot of people enjoy. It can be relaxing, and it can also be a social activity. Whether you've just...

What Kind Of Car Should You Get For Off-Road Travel?

You know what they say: when in Rome, do as the Romans do. The same goes for traveling through off-road terrain. If you're going...

6 Easy Songs To Play On A Guitar As A Beginner

The guitar is one of the easiest instruments to learn. However, just because compared to other instruments guitars are easy to learn, that’s not...

1 in 30 Million Orange Lobster Finds Home In Myrtle Beach

There was something obviously very different about one of the lobsters shipped to a Red Lobster® restaurant in Hollywood, Florida. Employees at the restaurant immediately noticed...

Retraction: Closure of Colony Road Was Not Election Fraud

Our lawyers reached out to our news team today to inform us that the closure of Colony Road was not intended in any way...

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