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Our readers speak. Time to re-open S.C.

Melissa Martin, Ph.D

Melissa Martin, Self-syndicated columnist                                                             Wheelersburg, Ohio  melissamartincounselor@live.com Dear Editor: ### Is it time to reopen the beaches and oceans? Humans are missing beaches. No matter what country or what coastline, people love ocean waves and sunny days. What mysteries abound in salty waters? What induces the desire to stroll along in …

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Can we please just wall off The City of Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach Wall

OPINION Yesterday, the Horry County Elections commission confirmed what Tuesday’s votes showed. Democrat Mike Chestnut garnered over 2500 votes in the Myrtle Beach city election. Chestnut gained the most votes of any candidate running. The two conservative candidates lost dismally to all Democrats running. “West Coast” minded candidates (John Krajc …

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Local Writer Mande Wilkes Comments On New Radio Show

Opinion – Mande Wilkes When local right-wing radio host Liz Callaway recently announced her departure from WRNN, many assumed she was pushed out. Dave Priest, her leftist co-host, is also the station’s programming director, and he had not been shy about pulling rank when the two disagreed.  Reportedly Priest even …

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Myrtle Beach, Better Than “Everywhere”

“Everyone” and “everywhere” are by far not new words or ideas. As a matter of fact you probably used a version of one when you were young and tried to justify to your parents that “Everyone is doing it.” to which your parents would readily ask “If everyone jumped off …

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