Complete List of MBACC Backed Candidates For June Primaries

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As all Horry County residents are aware, the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce has 4 political PACs that are heavily involved in deciding local elections.

With the filing deadline of last Thursday, MyrtleBeachSC News can now provide our readers with a complete list of candidates supported by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce through their political action committees.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce supported candidates are marked in RED.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Henry McMaster (Incumbent)*

Harrison Musselwhite

Mindy L. Steele

Secretary of State –

R Mark Hammond (Incumbent)*

Keith Blandfordm

State Treasurer –

R Curtis Loftis (Incumbent)*

Sarah Work

Attorney General –

Alan Wilson (Incumbent)*

Lauren Martel Attorney General

State Superintendent of Education –

Travis Bedson

Bryan Chapman

Cindy Coats

Sheri Few

Kizzi Gibson

Lynda Leventis-Wells

Kathy Meness

Ellen Weaver

Commissioner of Agriculture –

Hugh Weathers (Incumbent)*

Bill Bledsoe Bob Rozier

U.S. Senator – R Tim Scott (Incumbent

U.S. House of Representatives Dist. 7 –

Tom Rice (Incumbent)

Barbara Arthur

Garrett Barton

Russell Fry

Mark McBride

Spencer A. Morris

Ken Richardson

Solicitor – Dist. 15 –

R Jimmy Richardson

(if an incumbent is unopposed – there is no listing)

State House of Representatives Dist. 61

John Cassidy

Carla Schuessler

State House of Representatives Dist.106

Howard Barnard

Bruce Bailey

Thomas “Val” Guest

Brian Sweeney

Ryan Thompson

State House of Representatives Dist. 55 (a small area of Horry County)

Robert Norton

Tracy Pelt

County Council Chair

Johnny Gardner (Incumbent)

Mark Lazarus

Johnny Vaught

Katrina Morrison

County Council Dist. 1

Harold Worley (Incumbent)

Jenna Dukes

County Council Dist. 2

Bill Howard (Incumbent)

Dean Richardson

County Council Dist. 7

Orton Bellamy (Incumbent)

Jeanette Spurlock

Tom Anderson

County Council Dist. 8

David Ellis

Shannon Grady

Mikey “Mash” Masciarelli

Brandon Skipper

Probate Judge

Allan Beverly running to fill seat of retiring Probate Judge Kathy WardHorry

County School Board Chairman –

David Cox

Darrell Ricketts

Helen Mason Smith

District 2 – Myrtle Beach, Briarcliffe, Carolina

Forest Sherrie Todd (Incumbent)*

Debbie Edmonds

District 3 – Carolina Forest, Myrtle Beach

Tracy Winters

Lorraine Mallon

District 6 – Carolina Forest, Socastee, St. James

Lyn Bondi

Pam Dawson

Steve Witt

District 8 – Carolina Forest, Conway, Forestbrook

Melanie Wellins

James W. Berry

District 10 – Carolina Forest, Conway, Green Sea Floyds,

Loris Neil James (Incumbent)

David Warner

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