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Randal Wallace
17 Year Incumbent Randal Wallace

Council Incumbents Boycott Debates


MyrtleBeachSC.com learned today that Myrtle Beach City Councilmen Randal Wallace and Mike Lowder intend to entirely sit out the Fall debates held in front of Myrtle Beach city residents.  Elections are held this November 7th for these two incumbents’ seats.

This after a Myrtle Beach town hall held earlier in July 2017.  Residents showed up in mass to let City Hall know how citizens and merchants felt about the way the town is currently being run.

It appears the intentions of these two incumbents are to run out the clock avoiding the residents publicly, hoping that the nearly $500,000.00 in Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce board member associated PAC monies can get them re-elected,” said Horry County local Veril Anderson.

The following debates are currently scheduled,  but City Council incumbents have not agreed to attend:

FRESH BREWED COFFEE HO– — USE:  This Saturday Oct 7th starting at 5 p.m.   Mayoral Candidate Brenda Bethune, Mark McBride and selected challengers for city council are expected to attend.  Fresh Brewed previously held a debate where Ed Carey and select council challengers spoke.

Market Common Recreation Center:  October 15th.  All candidates for Mayor and City Council will be debating.  Incumbent Mayor John Rhodes and Councilmen Wallace and Lowder have informally stated they will not attend.


Mayor Rhodes, Ed Carey, Brenda Bethune and Mark McBride are scheduled to debate on two closed set TV studios at the end of the month.



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