Haley loses to “none of these candidates” in Nevada Republican Primary

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With Former President Donald Trump not on the Nevada Republican primary ballot last night, former S.C. Governor Nikki Haley lost to “None of these candidates”.

“None of these candidates” garnered 62.9% of the vote, while Haley on received only 30.8%.

The South Carolina Republican primary is just ahead with early voting starting February 12th.

Tweeted long time Nevada Political analyst Jon Ralston about the Nevada Republican Primary, “Nikki is cooked”. He added, “One of the most embarrassing things I have seen in all my years of covering politics. “Major” presidential candidate loses to None of these Candidates.”

Nevada Republican Primary

The Nevada Primary was a primary in name only. No delegates were awarded.

The key Nevada Caucus this Thursday is the official campaign event in Nevada. Trump is expected to win all of the delegates in tomorrow’s caucus.

The S.C. Primary early voting effort, spearheaded by Haley S.C. Campaign Manager, Walter Whetsell, will be an attempt to harvest as many early Democrat voter ballots as her campaign can muster.

Haley’s key campaign approach – texts sent to S.C. Democrats

It is Haley’s only chance for keeping the election close.

Former President Trump will hold a rally in Conway, S.C. this Saturday. The event is expected to be witnessed by a standing room only crowd.

Groups like the Little River Patriots, S.C. Trump Girls, American Conservative Voices, amid other local conservative residents, have emailed our team with excitement about attending this rally.

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