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How Do You Treat Pain In Your Legs?

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David Hucks
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There could be any number of reasons for the pain in your legs. If you run a lot, this is probably going to be at your shins and knees. You may find that if you do aerobics then you will have pain in your hips. All that stepping up and plank knee raises can cause hip flexor pain. If you don’t do much, this too can cause pain in your legs. It’s strange but not having the strength in your legs to walk and run, can have the added effect of chronic pain in your joints. But let’s not jump into the weeds just yet. Let’s try to think about what could be causing your leg pain.

Muscle atrophy

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One of the common causes of leg pain is that you have a lack of strength and muscle mass, which goes on to cause joint pain. This is due to muscle atrophy, whereby your muscles have a severe lack of strength and mass. They are unable to support your skeleton and weight which can cause chronic pain. It’s vital that you begin to strengthen your muscles so they can do the job they have been designed to do, which is hold up and support your body. Start off with basic calisthenics, which is purely bodyweight exercises. You can do beginner exercises such as push-ups that are on your knees and perhaps, tricep push-ups on the wall. 

Running injury

If you run a lot you’ll find that you will come across some very common injuries. Firstly, you will have pain in your tendons on the face of the foot. As your foot bends and flexes, you will find that the weight of your body can push forward on the area where the tendons reach into the legs, i.e at the ankle. You should try to RICE this area.

  • Rest. Don’t run for a while, maybe a week or so. Rest and take it easy, don’t run if you don’t have to.
  • Ice. Ice the area for about 15 to 20 minutes. This should contract the blood vessels, move blood away from the area and afterwards, bring new white blood cells to the area.
  • Compress. The area should be compressed, with a compression sleeve, a brace or some kind of bandage.
  • Elevate. Lift the leg up and stop the swelling after each run. If you find that you can run, afterward, you should elevate the leg so toxins and fluid do not pool up.

Align your joints

It really might just be that your joints are in pain and they just need to be seen by a Chiropractor. They can align your joints and take the pressure off your nerves which may be impinged underneath your joints. Whether it’s your ankle, knees, hips or even toes, they can help to fix your body in ways that medicine cannot.

There could be any number of reasons for pain in your legs. Here are some of the more common reasons but if you think of any more, let us know below.

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