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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Online casinos are big business in 2023 – in fact, following the repeal of federal legislation PASPA in 2017, the iGaming sector is among the fastest growing markets in the United States today.

While some of this can naturally be laid at the feet of the fact that this market is relatively mature, and is finally gaining access to the world’s largest economy, to suppose that is the only reason it is enjoying such growth is a mistake. 

This is because it has as much to do with legislative conditions as it does the very real steps towards innovation and accessibility that this sector has taken in recent years. Whereas the global brick-and-mortar casino sector is in stagnation, online casinos currently enjoy a CAGR of some 14.7% projected up to the end of the 2020s.

The real reason this sector is looking so healthy is that it has been fast moving and responsive to consumer demands. This makes the process of selecting the right gaming platform for you, easier than ever, as you can rest assured there’s likely a platform designed to your specifications.

But that still begs the question of where to start in such a search. If you find yourself in this position, simply follow these top tips below and you’ll be perusing the digital tables from your desktop, Android or iPhone in no time.

Check The Casino Complies with Regulatory Bodies

There are a number of licensing bodies operating online today, such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission whose mission it is to ensure that the casinos they lend their license to are in compliance with all relevant legal and financial standards to ensure safe gaming and a high quality, secure customer experience.

It should thus go without saying that you need to make sure any casino you’re thinking of lending your bank details to comply with any one of these authorities. If you don’t recognize a licensing body, a quick google search should suffice to confirm whether it’s a legit and trustworthy licensee, such as those listed above are.

Find the Deal To Fit Your Style

There are estimated to be as many as 20,000 distinct online casinos operating online today – that’s an incredible amount of choice, though it naturally comes with its own caveats. After all, the question of discoverability is a real one. Suppose your ideal online casino is out there, but you just have no clear way of finding it – that would be a sorry circumstance for everyone involved.

In a bid to redress this concern, a whole sector of recommendation platforms have quietly grown up around this market dedicated to filtering and compiling reviews of the best online casinos available in your region. One such example is casinobonusca, which as its name suggests, has a commitment to furnishing players with the most competitive bonuses and welcome offers out there. This is extremely useful, as it’s about more than simply saving some money on a sign-up deal. These bonuses are often highly bespoke, and one can use them to filter through different platforms until one finds one to suit their requirements. After all, an ardent poker player has no need of a deal on slots, and vice versa.

Figure Out Your Stakes

Those unfamiliar with the world of casinos could be forgiven for assuming there is one type of stake level involved in various games – but this is not the case. Different players enjoy engaging with real money gaming at different levels of risk, and it is vital that you determine where you fall on this spectrum. 

There’s no shame in sticking to low cost or penny casinos – in fact for many people this is preferable, as they’re mostly interested in playing the games, and can take or leave the gambling element. Others, naturally, on the other hand could be defined as “high rollers”, and would want to seek out high stakes casinos in order to be satisfied that they’re getting the casino experience they enjoy.

Irrespective of what stake level you prefer, there are online casinos and game rooms out there to fit your preferred wager – just keep in mind that no matter what level you want to play at, setting a loss limit for your session is a key component of ensuring real money gaming stays fun, sustainable and safe.

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