How To Design A Cozy Home Ready For Winter

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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With the cold winter months fast approaching, it can be so beneficial for you to take some time to revamp and redesign your home to better suit the frosty temperatures. Sticking with the same summer décor that helped to cool you down during hot weather is one of the worst mistakes that you can make, as no matter how high you turn up your heating, you’ll never get that warm and cozy feeling. 

Fortunately, this guide contains everything that you need to know to design the coziest home ready for winter, and it couldn’t be easier to get started today! So, if you want to transform your home into the most inviting and enticing space this chilly festive season, then simply read on to discover more! 

Choose A Warm Color Palette 

One of the most important steps that you must follow if you want to create the most perfect comfortable home interior this winter is to choose a suitable warm color palette. The colors and shades that you use in each room will have a dramatic impact on the atmosphere and the way that it feels – you can either make the mistake of using cola colors like white and blue, or make a smart choice and opt for warm colors such as brown and beige. Warm colors can make a room feel warm and cozy before you’ve even had the chance to switch your heating on, so it’s definitely a step worth taking. If you’re stuck deciding what color palette to implement in your new winter-friendly living space, then check online for inspiration! There are so many mood boards and other resources that you can make the most of to get some great ideas for your home interior. 

Utilize Natural Materials 

Another key step that you should aim to follow if you want to stand any chance of creating a warm and welcoming winter interior is to utilize natural materials. Natural materials can make a huge difference to any room, especially if you’re used to using materials such as plastic that often feel a little cheap and tacky. Investing in something such as a large oak dining table, a sheepskin throw or leather sofa will no doubt add warmth to whichever room you place them inside. Natural materials tend to have a warm color palette without any interference from humans, so you won’t have to go wild with paints and other color changing tactics to set the scene perfectly. Steer clear of things like plastic and metal, as they will not only look cold, but also feel cold too! Any metal will likely remain frosty and cold despite having your heating on, so avoid using this material whenever possible in your new and improved winter home interior. Find a reputable furniture store that maximizes their use of natural materials instead. 

Double Up On Soft Furnishings 

Doubling up on soft furnishings will certainly help you to create a more welcoming and comfortable space, as soft furnishings can bring warmth and coziness no matter where you choose to add them. Always stick to a warm color palette as detailed above when you’re choosing extra soft furnishings for your home, as using colder tones will simply make your home feel frosty and unwelcoming. You can buy countless different soft home accessories, starting off with a rug. A rug can work well in rooms with hard flooring like tiles and wood, and they can also help to upgrade a carpeted room too! You can also buy some extra throws and blankets to place over furniture such as your sofa or bed – this will make a huge difference when you’re trying to get cozy and relax in the evening. Another great soft furnishing that you can consider to help you design a cozy home this winter is some super thick insulating curtains or blinds. Flimsy, light curtains might be ideal in the summer, but you need thick curtains in the winter that can stand strong against the freezing temperatures fighting their way through your windows! Insulating curtains can add both visual and physical warmth to any room, so they’re certainly a worthwhile option. 

Candles, Fireplaces & More 

Nothing can help you to feel more warm and cozy than a crackling flame, so why not add some candles to your home or utilize your fireplace during the winter to help transform your property? You’ll be surprised at just how much of a difference a few candles can make inside your home, as they offer a delightful warm glow that dances from wall to wall, setting the scene for relaxation. A fireplace is even better, as the roaring flames and the crackle of the wood is a soundtrack that can instantly help you feel a warm hug wrapping around your body. Don’t worry if you don’t have the space or availability to warrant a fireplace, as you can easily invest in an electrical alternative that provides the same look, sound and warmth of a real fire with no flames to be found. You can also buy electrical candles if you’re worried about lighting any kind of fires inside your home, as there are some very realistic alternatives that can still add just as much coziness to your home. 

Create A Slipper Station 

No matter how many steps you follow to warm up your winter home, if you’re all walking around it barefoot then you’re going to be feeling the chill! Creating a slipper station is the perfect addition for the cold winter months, especially if you have lots of hard floor areas like tiling and wood floors that tend to stay super icy. You’ll actually be able to feel your toes if you can pop your feet into some warm, fluffy slippers rather than walking around barefoot, so be sure to utilize this finishing touch if you want to enjoy the most cozy and comfortable home! 

Staying warm and cozy while the stormy weather rages on outside has never been such a simple task when you can utilize these brilliant ideas to design a cozy home ready for winter!

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