How to Get Out of Times of Crisis through Self-Healing

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The need to self-heal and rediscover oneself is an integral part of each individual’s story, regardless of the historical era to which they belong. Depressive crises and moments of despondency, arriving totally unexpectedly, can radically change people’s lives, slowly pushing them towards risky choices or decisions they would never have dreamed of making before. There comes a point when one realizes perfectly well that one has hit rock bottom, and that from then on one will either have the opportunity to get up again, going on with one’s life and occupations, or to remain face down in the mud, in a state of semi-paralysis that will almost completely inhibit the person’s cognitive-intellectual faculties. Many individuals, abandoning themselves to total despondency, believe that there is no real way out, no hope for the future, and thus continue to drag their existences in an extremely passive, static manner, without even trying to take that small step that would quickly get them back on track in life. All these people seem to be unaware that the possibilities of salvation are within everyone’s reach, and that all that is needed to seize them is a small effort of will and an intense desire to bring some order and harmony back into one’s life. 

Little daily habits 

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To regenerate oneself, it is sometimes necessary to start adopting some small habits that, repeated constantly over time, will help each person to gradually regain tranquility and serenity of mind, slowly eradicating all traces of residual pain. These are not big changes, but small actions to be repeated daily, with constancy, so that they will gradually become part of one’s daily routine until they become real habits. Before acting on your conscience, in some cases you must first act on your outward appearance, on the image of yourself that you offer others. Start by taking care of your appearance, your hygiene, the clothes you wear. Leave the house and go and buy yourself some new clothes, leaving aside all those clothes that have accompanied you through the most complex stages of your life. When you look in the mirror, and notice a clean and impeccably dressed person, perhaps with a Cartier watch on your wrist, you will feel ready to challenge the world and its rules again, with a completely renewed appearance. By making outward, perfectly visible changes, you will also send a clear message to your consciousness, to your soul, which will automatically try to harmonize with the external changes and move on to its next stage of development. A nice dress or a shiny new pair of shoes can sometimes have a wonderful effect on your consciousness. 

Eliminate negative habits 

Another important step towards self-healing is to identify your negative habits and eliminate them gradually, a little at a time. Do not focus solely on acquiring new positive habits: sometimes, in order to progress spiritually, it is necessary to concentrate your efforts on eliminating those you consider most negative, thus making room for the new rhythms in your life. In the most difficult moments, you should find the courage to dedicate yourself completely to yourself, without worrying too much about others and their opinions. Take care of your health, walk for hours in nature, be a little selfish. Working on yourself and your happiness also requires small sacrifices, so you should also be prepared to give up some of the time you used to spend with your loved ones. 

Thinking about yourself also means finding time to explore the many opportunities offered by the net, such as all the sources of entertainment offered by online universes. Under certain circumstances, an online video game to play on your mobile phone can be a great way to reduce stress, to keep your mind in a state of continuous attention, away from the worries and anxieties of everyday life. Online portals such as VegasSlotsOnline, for example, were created with the goal of allowing each player to find the game that best suits his or her taste, offering a wide selection of free slots and casino games to entertain oneself with at any time of the day, on any device and from anywhere, as long as one has a good internet connection. Once the player has found the game that is closest to his or her taste, he or she can devote all the necessary attention to it, keeping his or her mind pleasantly free of all other thoughts. 

By lowering one’s eyes to one’s Apple iPhone, and carefully exploring all its functionalities, each of us can find concrete methods of self-fulfillment, bringing us considerably closer to the conquest of happiness.  

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