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How to Raise the Value of Your House Before Putting it on the Market?

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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The housing market is raging, and you may tremendously earn if you decide to sell your home today. The median house price in the US is around $430,000. It has grown 20% in the last two years or before the start of the global pandemic and the economic recession that hit most of the world.

If you’re up for the task, you may want to consider how to raise your house’s value. Owning a house in Myrtle Beach, SC, means you will get $316,031 on average, but this price should mean nothing to you and depends mainly on your property’s size and value.

If you have a small 1000-square foot home, you’re not going to get a lot, and if you own a 5,000-square foot house with a big yard, you should ask for more than the average.

The price varies tremendously depending on many things. One of them is what years it was built, and although you can’t control or change this, you can still do some other things. One of the things to raise the value of your home is investing in its looks.

That’s what we’re talking about in this article. We’re sharing some tips and tricks that professional house flippers use to make money. Keep reading to see what you can do to raise the house’s value and get more money when putting it on the market.

1. Renovate everything from the core

It’s not the same when buyers see an old rusty house and a new sparkling one. People are visual beings and fall in love with what they see, often ignoring the reason. We’re not saying to ignore essential house flaws but pay more attention to the outside image of the house.

Paint the outside facade and ensure it looks flawless when buyers come to see it. The outside look is the first thing they’ll notice, and you know how important the first impression about anything is important. The second thing is to renovate inside.

You can’t let old furniture and appliances be in the spotlight. If you’re not selling furniture and appliances with the house, make sure the interior is spotless, looks brand new, and classy. If you sell it with furniture and appliances, buy new ones. Calculate how much you’ve spent, and raise the price of the house by at least 3%.

2. Install a swimming pool

The swimming pool instantly increases the value of the house by 7%. Call the pros to come and create a swimming pool in the backyard. You don’t have to go with anything fancy, but the look of the swimming pool and everything around it will thrill the new buyers.

Depending on how much you will invest in the pool, you may ask for a way higher price than the seven percent we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Those who want to leave an impression and create a water world in the yard will ask for a much higher price.

This is usually done by homeowners whose competitors all own houses with pools. You want to stand out if you’re selling a house in a neighborhood where everyone else has a pool. Building a miracle will give a different perspective to the buyers.

3. Opt for a smart home

Did you know that with the rise of 5G, AI, and IoT technologies, our homes received an entirely different look than anything we lived in before? The latest technology is called smart living. What does this mean?

Smart living or owning a smart home means connecting most of the items and appliances inside the home to the internet and allowing the owners to control everything from a single point – their smartphones.

The smart living concept is owning cameras that broadcast live on your smartphone what’s happening in your home while you’re not there, turning the oven off if you forgot after leaving home, and even controlling all doors of your house through the internet.

Your front door is now accessible through your phone; there’s no need for a key. Even the garage door can open itself without you controlling anything just by knowing you’re coming home. This technology is already available at specialized companies like and others.


These few points show you how you can increase the value of your house by investing in these little things. Installing a pool will instantly increase your house’s value, and renovating will help you sell it fast and easily.

Creating a smart home is aimed toward the tech-savvy group of buyers who will be ready to spend a fortune if you give them what makes them happy. Use these tips and turn your house into a spectacle before placing it on the market.



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