Most Common Injuries at the Beach

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This festive season, you might be thinking of spending time at the beach with your family and friends. Probably swimming, playing games, surfing, having picnics or just sun-basking. However, your relaxing time might end up with someone in the Myrtle Beach emergency room due to a beach injury. The accident might be foreseen or not, therefore you should take some precautions to prevent them from happening. Below is a list of the most common beach injuries that might occur at the beach. Take time to read through, familiarize yourself with them so that you can keep an eye out for them.


Although you might be aware of the agony of sunburn already, you need to know that the sun can do more damage than you anticipate. The chances of your sunburns being severe enough to require professional help are low. However, it would help if you were not negligent because there is a probability of getting heatstroke. The body gets heated to temperatures above 105.1 degrees Fahrenheit, hurting your internal organs. Additionally, you might experience migraines, dizziness, nausea, seizure, or ultimately organ failure or death. To prevent yourself, you will need to apply generous amounts of sunscreen, avoid staying in direct sunlight, and drink lots of water.

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Cuts On The Feet, Thighs, And Torso

Walking barefoot can be unwinding but might render you susceptible to cuts on your feet due to the hidden shells, fish hooks, and broken glasses. Therefore, ensure that you get proper footwear to avoid such injuries as you walk on the sand. Moreover, you should avoid swimming close to boat hulls and pier pilings to prevent injuries to your legs, thighs, and torso.

Broken Collarbones, Dislocated Shoulders, Spinal Injury

These injuries are usually due to strong water currents that force your body into sudden unnatural body movements. In cases where you incurred any of these injuries, especially the spinal injuries due to negligence, you can contact a spinal injury lawyer that would help you with the petition. For instance, if the private beach owner did not warn you of the foreseen danger or the appointed lifesavers at the beach were not keen to warn you of an incoming wave.

Jellyfish Stings

While swimming, you are very likely to get a jellyfish whose sting is known to be painful enough to end you up in the emergency bed of a health center. Therefore, make sure to look out for them every time.


 If you venture far out into the ocean waters or underestimate the strength of rip currents, you are not likely to get back on your own.  Instead, you might panic and try to fight the strong wave until you are exhausted. When you are tired, you will be unable to swim back to the shore and end up drowning if a lifeguard does not come to help you.  Therefore, to ensure that you are safe, you shouldn’t underestimate the strength of the waves. If you are swimming further into the ocean, do it cautiously with your limit in mind. 


As much as you are going on the beach to have fun, you should always look for such kinds of beach accidents. There may be a lifeguard that might help you in some of the incidents, though not all of them. Therefore, it should be a personal responsibility to ensure that you do not put yourself in dangerous situations.

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