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What To Do If You Get Involved In A Car Accident That Is Not Your Fault

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It can be a traumatic event when involved in a car accident, especially if you get involved in a crash that was not your fault. You can get frightened or be in shock or pain after a high collision and are unsure how you will proceed to the next thing. If there are chances you get involved in an accident that you had no intentions of and need to know some steps that will help you receive compensation right away and advice, then you can read the tips below.

Exchange Personal Information

When the accident scene is safe, you can start exchanging personal information. The information can be personal information with fellow drivers at the accident scene. Also, consider exchanging contact information with the other people involved in the accident. If the driver at fault has some passengers in the car, you should consider getting the information. Finally, if there are different bystanders or accident witnesses, you can write down their information later.

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Stay Informed

Notify Your Accident to the Insurance Company

There are many insurance companies, and different insurance companies have different deadlines for reporting the crash. Consider doing it promptly, as you can also seek some medical treatments. Also, it would help if you did not miss the deadline because you may find your request for the no-fault benefits that get denied.

Call The Police Immediately

It doesn’t matter if the crash was a fender-bender or it’s a serious accident because you need to call 911. The police account needs to be among the records, and their report can help speed your insurance claim. If the accident happened in the middle of the road, the vehicles need to get moved as this will help avoid traffic. The driver and the passenger are supposed to remain in the vehicle as they can also opt to turn some of their hazard lights until the police arrive at the place the accident happened.when you stay at the scene and talk to the cops, especially in the situation where the accident led to wrongful deaths, it can help your case.

See The Doctor

It’s advisable to see the doctor and seek medical care after you’ve been involved in an accident, even in cases where you don’t feel pain or injuries. For example, if you get involved in a high-impact collision, your body may release a massive adrenaline spike that may mask some pain and different symptoms, as this can get done directly after the crash. As a result, it may take many days or hours before you start feeling the pain or before the injuries appear.

Having delayed internal injuries is common for accidents, for example, spinal damage or when you get a soft tissue injury. You can also see a doctor and get tested for fractures. When you get some injuries like bleeding or swelling, it can be life-threatening, especially in cases where they do not get diagnosed and treated immediately.

Collect Information on the Accident Scene

There are chances where the car accident was the fault of another person, and here, the driver needs to report the incident. But, it would be best if you did not trust them in making the report. In this case, you can have evidence to prove the accident happened. That’s why you need to gather some information before leaving the scene.

Pick Your Battles Wisely

When involved in an accident involving more than one person, the at-fault driver insurer can tell you to start seeking some payments from your insurer since it may not have some evidence of the policyholder’s fault. Although, this has been made illegal in most states as the insurer cannot deny some of the claims, especially where the liability is not clear.

Also, suppose you decide to make some claims with your insurer. In that case, there is a likelihood of choosing to fight the different companies to get compensated, especially if the other drivers are at fault. Also, you can look for an attorney that will help you navigate the murky laws that govern the insurance. Although you need to keep in mind that in cases you hire an attorney, they can take a cut of the settlement that they are helping you to get.

Ensure Your Safety

It’s among the crucial things you should look at, not forgetting the safety of those that got involved. Ensure everyone does not need urgent medical attention, and in case there is one, then let the person get rushed to the hospital. After that, you can then take stock of your surroundings.

You can see if you are at a busy intersection or a quiet residential street and if your vehicle is still operating. Then if your car is not at a safe place, you can move it to a safe place and communicate with the other drivers to inform them you will not be moving from the scene. Also, in case you aren’t impending any traffic, you can leave the vehicle at its place.

Gather Information From Witness

When you and the person involved in the accident get asked about what happened, everyone might decide to say something in their favour. Since most of the personal injury attorneys know about this, there is a likelihood that they will give less weight to your testimony than the one of an onlooker with no personal stake because of the outcome.

If you know a person who saw what happened, you can ask for their names and contact information to give to your insurance company and the police. Also, write the information down to avoid forgetting some of the essential details when passing the information along.

Consult Your Injury Attorney

Your injury attorney may tell you to avoid discussing the accident with the insurance company without consulting first. An example is when signing a medical authorization that can give other people some access to your medical records, including those before the accident happened.

Admit No-Fault And Be Careful Of Declarations

It would help if you did not admit no-fault or start giving an appearance that shows you accept some of the claims. When you give some statements, for example, I’m sorry, they can get used as evidence of liability. Despite the other party blaming you, you should not say the things that can make you look like you agree to the assessment. Also, avoid saying that you are not injured, or you’re feeling okay.

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