NMB Aquatic & Fitness Center Operations Adjustments

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — The North Myrtle Beach Aquatic & Fitness Center will celebrate their 19th anniversary this November! With 19 years of operation comes the inevitable need for repairs and maintenance that will require a short-term closure of certain areas of the facility. The planned projects will improve health and safety, as well as address needed maintenance work.

Saturday, May 25 through Sunday, June 2

The front lobby access will close at 12 PM on Saturday, May 25 and remain closed throughout the week, tentatively reopening at 5:30 AM on Monday, June 3.

All access to the building will be temporarily transferred to the back west corner of the building (off of the parking lot next to the Humane Society). Members will need to have their membership card ready to swipe in as usual. All computer software, transactions, and membership services will transfer to this temporary facility access point.

Changes and Adjustments to Facility Operations

  • The large Aquatic & Fitness Center logo over the front of the building will be repainted. The outside area around the front doors will be blocked off.
  • The front lobby and hallway leading down to the Fitness Center will be closed. There will be no inside or outside access to the front lobby or hallway leading to the intersection in front of the Fitness Room. Carpets will be cleaned and floor tile replaced in this area.
  • McLeod/Seacoast will not have any Physical Therapy scheduled for this week.
  • The Special Needs/Family Locker Rooms will be closed entirely. Walls will be resealed for moisture and then repainted.
  • Child Watch will be open during its regular schedule, BUT parents will need to drop-off and pick-up children through the playground gate (outside of the building).
  • The Men/Boys and Women/Girls locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms will be open.
  • The Multi-Purpose/Spin Room will be closed. Spin classes will be temporarily moved to Racquetball Court #1. The class schedule for spin will remain the same.
  • Racquetball Court #2 will operate as usual for Racquetball Play.
  • Classes in the Aerobic Room will operate as usual; however, entry and exit will only be through the door across from the Classroom (down the hallway past the Fitness Center).


The entire swimming pool area, including the Lap Pool, Therapy Pool, Sauna, and Hot Tub, at Aquatic & Fitness Center will be closed as maintenance and repairs are made to all areas of the Aquatics Area. The sauna will be repaired, some of the wood needs reinforcing. In the Pump Room, the Mechanical System for the three pools will be shut down as all of the piping will be replaced and upgraded. Upon completion of this work, the system will be restarted, and the process of heating the water and balancing the chemicals for each pool will begin.

Stay tuned for updates from North Myrtle Beach.

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