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Civil Asset Forfeiture ruled unconstitutional by Horry County’s 15th Circuit

Civil Asset Forfeiture

“Indeed, they allow the government to seize unlimited amounts of cash and other property when no crime has been committed, without a criminal conviction and without proof of a crime having been committed beyond a determination of probable cause,” 15th Circuit Court Justice John wrote. Last year, Myrtle Beach S.C. Representative Alan Clemmons …

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Was S.C. leadership trip just another Pyramid Scheme?

Alan Clemmons

S.C. agriculture commissioner Hugh Weathers personally funded a South Carolina based economic development trip to Egypt with the objective of securing new overseas markets for South Carolina soybeans. Myrtle Beach S.C. Representative Alan Clemmons organized the nine-day trip attended by many S.C. delegates. Do such economic endeavors with questionable foreign …

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Currently no conservatives on Myrtle Beach City Council

Ed Carey

Horry County residents hold that the City of Myrtle Beach has among the most liberal leadership in the South. When we think of liberal cities, images of San Francisco, New York City, or Chicago come to mind. Liberal, Local Approach However, when it comes to a big government approach, big …

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Surfside Beach Pier lease amendment stalled

Bill Howard

“From the very beginning of discussions for building the new pier, Shawn and I have tried tirelessly to meet and discuss the future of the diner. We do not know how or when the Surf Diner was eliminated from even being considered a tenant. Very serious misunderstanding,” Bill Howard The …

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Surfside Beach workshop gets consensus to raise parking fees town-wide

David Pelligrino

Surfside Beach elected officials agreed by consensus to raise parking meter fees town-wide on Tuesday, October 1st. An ordinance will need a second reading by Surfside Beach Town Council for approval. Approval is expected. In attendance for Surfside Beach Town Council were David Pellegrino, Mayor Bob Childs, Bruce Dietrich, Debbie …

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