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Politicians Respond To Either Voters Or Money. Voters Beat Money Every Time

Today is a key voting run-off date that will determine the future of South Carolina.

Representative democracy gives people the power to put their values into action. People can elect leaders who care about the things they care about and then hold them accountable for taking action on those issues.

Over the past 30 years,  S.C. politicians have largely responded to a small, aristocratic group of donors who ensured they won each election.  The turn-over in S.C. political offices were rare.

With the advent of social media, Horry County is seeing some change.  We are in a transitional phase where sunlight exceeds misinformation locally on the internet for the moment.

Surely political consultants are working on some new way to game the system that now encompasses all things social media.  For the moment, however, Facebook groups like Make Myrtle Beaches Free Clean and Safe, Residents of Carolina Forest, North Myrtle Beach, South Strand Republicans, myrtle beach south carolina – making our city affordable safe clean & fun, and Our Place are doing an excellent job of keeping voters informed and politicians on notice.

Regardless of your preference, MyrtleBeachSC news asks that you please vote.

VOTING EMPOWERS YOU.  When you vote, politicians pay attention to the things that matter to you.





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