Pool Maintenance Tips That’ll Save You Time and Money

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Having a backyard swimming pool is a fun way for people to relax with their family and friends. If you own one, you may be wondering whether it’s ready for summer. Unfortunately, maintenance tasks can often be expensive and take up a lot of your time. In this article, we’ll provide some helpful tips on how to keep your pool clean and running efficiently without using too much time or money.

Use A Robotic Cleaner

This modern innovation can keep the water perpetually moving around your pool. It gets busy scrubbing away any dirt or debris located on the floors or walls. They also have integrated filters designed to keep the water free from unwanted impurities.

These devices allow you to choose modes, set timers, and get notifications. The smart technology in the pool cleaner can be controlled by you, straight from a phone app. They work no matter the size, shape, or type of pool you have, and are climate care certified. 

Check For Leaks

This is essential if you don’t want to lose money making repairs or dealing with lost water. Leaks are also bad news for filtration systems, which can be costly to rectify. By keeping a regular eye out for them, you can avoid paying out more financially in the long term. You should make a thorough check of all your walls (both interior and exterior). Also, check the structural components and posts.

When looking for cracks and splits that could let the water escape, check the:

  • pumps and hoses
  • skimmers and drains
  • valves and filter systems

There may be things you can tighten or replace, such as the hose and other equipment. If the issue is with the pool lining, however, you’ll need to involve the services of a professional.

Vacuum Your Pool Regularly

This is an effective way to get rid of debris, dirt, and leaves. In order to make your pool inviting for guests, you can keep the bottom, sides, and steps nice and clean-looking. This helps protect the health of everyone using your pool. At the same time, it preserves the longevity of your equipment, such as the motors, filters, and pumps. By keeping everything ship-shaped, it avoids costly repairs and replacements – making this a long-term financial saving.

If you want to know how often to perform the vacuuming, the answer is at least once a week. This stops debris from settling to the bottom of the pool and making its home there or attaching itself to the tiles and walls. This course of action also helps stop algae growth, which is key if you don’t want your pool to become discolored over time. Many people use suction-side pool cleaners because they have the power to extract dirt and debris, relocating it in their cartridges or filter bags.

Frequently Skim The Water 

Whilst this is one of the easiest tasks you’ll need to perform, it’s also one of the most important. You should skim the water daily, especially when the sun’s out and everyone’s using the pool. Net skimmers have long handles, making it easy to reach out and remove things like leaves and other debris.

There are also smaller handheld nets you can purchase for more intricate dirt removal. You can use them to tackle dirt and bugs located at the corner of your pool or in other less accessible crevices. Your net can also be used to extract algae before it multiplies and dominates the pool.

Keep The Filters Clean

This is something else you need to do in order to keep your pool looking its very best at all times. If you leave a filter to become clogged, it’ll make your filtration system less effective. This will take its toll on the pump (causing it to fail or malfunction). Once again, you’ll be out of pocket if you have to repair this issue.

Regular backwashing can eliminate the contaminants in your water, such as oils, dirt, and debris. As a result, these things won’t build up in your filter. Don’t forget to check your skimmer baskets too – if there’s any dirt buildup use a vacuum or net to remove the problem. You’ll also want to have a filter lid that remains clean at all times. If you don’t check it, you could end up with things like sand entering the system and causing no end of issues as a result.

Monitor The Chemical Balance

Before you add any chemicals to the water in your swimming pool, you’ll need to use a testing kit. This will review the pH level, chlorine, alkalinity levels, and hardness of the water. If you don’t have a local pool supply store nearby, check out the internet for the relevant products. When the pool’s frequently occupied, you should test the water a couple of times a week. In turn, you’ll get the balance right and enjoy clear water that’s free of bacteria and algae.

It’s highly important to be accurate with the measurements. Too many chemicals such as chlorine can cause skin irritation. It can also adversely affect your filters if this occurs for too long. If you use insufficient chemicals, however, the water will become murky. In turn, there’ll be less oxygen in the water and a higher chance of bacteria breeding within it.

Winterize The Pool

You’ll need to protect your pool during the colder months so it doesn’t get damaged by the elements. Firstly, bring the water level down to below the skimmer opening. This will protect your pool from cracks or related damage generated by cold temperatures or heavy snowfall.

Filter and skimmer cleaning should be performed to ensure that the pool’s ready for re-use when the seasons change. Finally, don’t drain too much water as the change to the pressure within the pool walls could cause structural damage.

As you can see, there’s plenty for you to do in terms of pool maintenance. By working smarter, not harder, you can save both time and money. You’ll be stewarding your precious possession, extending its life, and enjoying it for many years to come.  

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