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Businesses Struggle For Right To Exist

Private Businesses Justify Rights To Exist

In 2010, City Of Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer Mark Kruea went on Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce subsidized local T.V. station WMBFnews and informed viewers from Florence to Myrtle Beach that our company [MyrtleBeachSC.com]  was “impersonating” the city of Myrtle Beach.  He also said, on air, that our team had been sent a cease and desist letter from the city asking us to stop.

Mark Kruea
Mark Kruea, City of Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer

Both of those statements were patently false.

We established MyrtleBeachSC.com (an independent, local voice) after ongoing requests from Myrtle Beach business owners and residents.  Those private business owners were also under attack from this same city. Whenever issues arose pitting any particular business against the will of the city of Myrtle Beach, established local news channels made it clear which camp they sided with. They most often parroted the city verbatim, rarely questioning or vetting statements made by Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce [MBACC] or city leaders.

In 2017, Myrtle Beach private businesses harassed by the city of Myrtle Beach included: Natalias (which was closed by the city), House Parts, Jack Thompson Studios, practically every Jewish merchant on Ocean Boulevard,  and MyrtleBeachSC.com.  MyrtleBeachSC.com has been under constant attack from city leaders and MBACC leaders since it was first launched now over 13 years ago.

On issues that range from downtown crime to eminent domain to beach bacteria issues, the city’s position has always been central and accepted as true.  Whatever Brad Dean – Myrtle Beach Area Chamber C.E.O.,  Mark Kruea – City Of Myrtle Beach Public Information Officer, John Pedersen – City Manager, Mayor Rhodes, or Myrtle Beach City Council said was taken as gospel.

Without an independent, healthy and questioning press, however, government and those depending on government are sure to suffer.  At MyrtleBeachSC.com we call such a fair press.  A “fair press” is more and more uncommon in today’s political news marketplace.  It appears every media outlet has some stake in some preferred outcome.  Practically every corporate parent of all local Myrtle Beach media take millions each annually from the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

On November 20th, one day before our Mayoral run off, we find our business, along with House Parts and Jack Thompson studios still under attack from city government. These three private concerns still need to justify our rights to exist ongoing.



News Article Post Caused Temporary Facebook Ban

It is not just the government working to silence small business owners and individuals.  The “Fake News” phenomenon of 2016 was a clear opportunity for Corporate America to grab a beach head on independent thought and speech.

Independent journalist, Caitlin Johnstone, writes:  I’ve Been Banned From Facebook For Sharing An Article About False Flags.

Says Johnstone, “In a corporatist system of government, corporate censorship is state censorship. When there’s no meaningful space between corporate power and government power, it doesn’t make much difference whether the guy silencing your dissent is Mark Zuckerberg or [U.S. Attorney General] Jeff Sessions. America most definitely has such a system.

A healthy, independent press with a citizen’s first agenda, as well as,  an informed citizenship that votes may be our best cure for saving local America.

We are losing America. We are losing it at the city level of government.




About David Hucks

Born in 1961, David is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at MyrtleBeachSC.com

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