Roberta Bogle, Center For Counseling Wellness, settles “grossly negligent”, malpractice lawsuit

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Rather than face a public jury trial, a North Myrtle Beach Mental Therapy Counselor decided to settle a lawsuit filed against her in March 2021 out of court.

Records from Horry County’s 15th Circuit Court show that Roberta Bogle and the North Myrtle Beach Center for Counseling Wellness settled a lawsuit out of court on February 8th.

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The lawsuit was filed by local businessman John Gallman. Gallman said he was “very happy” with the outcome, but could not speak publicly on the particulars of the case.

The lawsuit claimed Bogle was negligent, grossly negligent, and reckless in her actions by violating the requisite standard of care. According to court records, Bogle professionally ignored an inherent conflict when she counseled Gallman’s two children.

Roberta Bogle confessed that she relied heavily on funding from the United Way of Horry County.  Doug White was a key board member at the time when Bogle chose to counsel White’s grandchildren, despite protests from the children’s father, John Gallman.

Gallman’s ex-wife, Sarah Price, is the daughter of Doug White. Gallman protested on the grounds such counseling was an inherent conflict for Bogle and the Center For Counseling Wellness.

According to Defendant Bogle, Doug White was present for the first two interviews with the United Way of Horry County in which the Center for Counseling Wellness received a grant from the United Way.

Bogle chose to settle the lawsuit out of court, paying the plaintiff, rather than facing a jury trial.

Without Mr. Gallman’s consent, the information was later shared in a professional breach of confidentiality.

Millions of dollars spent in dirty political ads resulted in the S.C. House and Senate now seeking 2023 legislation demanding a reform of the S.C. Family Court by implementing Equal Shared Parenting. The bills have wide bipartisan support, with the Senate version now sitting on Luke Rankin’s desk waiting for him to allow it onto the Senate floor.

Senator Rankin Later Manipulated Private Information From A Family Counseling Discussion in a multimillion dollar political T.V. ad campaign

Luke Rankin ran one of the dirtiest campaigns in S.C. Senate History

Issues discussed during counseling were later used in a dishonest, and vicious political campaign by Horry County Senator Luke Rankin.

A lawsuit against Senator Luke Rankin still remains and is working its way through the court process.

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