S.C. Department of Commerce pledges $7.5 million for Myrtle Beach hub supporting Amazon, Google and Facebook

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DC BLOX, an Atlanta-based technology company will likely get millions in state aid to offset the company’s construction costs related to the building of a Myrtle Beach data hub.

The facility will be located just south of the Myrtle Beach International Airport. The Myrtle Beach Hub will support technology firms including Amazon, Google and Facebook, increasing the bandwith of high speed interactions needed for each of these corporations.

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S.C. Department of Commerce head Harry Lightsey made a request to the S.C. House of Representatives to put $7.5 million in construction aid in the 2023 state budget yesterday.

Lightsey told House Speaker Murrell Smith and other S.C. Representatives that the DC BLOX cable landing station is among Department of Commerce’s top investment priorities given its potential to bring high speed internet into under served regions of the state.

The Commerce Department is requesting $7.5 million in aid through a proposed $100 million Strategic Economic Development Fund included in its departmental annual budget.


Murrell Smith
S.C. House Speaker Murrell Smith

All state budget funded items are set in the S.C. House of Representatives. Nothing gets approved without the consent of S.C. House Speaker Murrell Smith.

Smith is, in fact, the most powerful man in South Carolina, as it relates to the state’s roughly $8.4 billion budget.

$8.4 billion was the budget for fiscal year 2022.

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