South Carolina Real Estate Predictions for 2023

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David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Future homeowners take some time to prepare for jumping into a real estate market and purchasing a property. Apart from financial preparation and saving for a down payment, there’s a bit of research on market predictions. These can help you know what to expect, so you make a wise investment and know when and where you should look for a property. South Carolina is one of the popular states, and it’s surely a great choice for a new home. This guide will tell you more about the local real estate market by revealing South Carolina real estate predictions for 2023. Ready to buy a home? 

Thinking about moving to South Carolina? Here’s what you should know 

Before you dive into SC real estate market, let’s explore why you should consider moving to South Carolina. There are several advantages that living in this amazing state offers:

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  • Plenty of natural beauty – nature lovers enjoy living in South Carolina. Wherever you go, you’ll fall in love with breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls, the ocean, and more. 
  • Great location – the position of the state is also one of the reasons why people move here. Apart from easy access to the ocean, this small state has easy access to other popular locations in the country. It takes a couple of hours to reach Florida, and you can reach Washington DC, and New York via a short flight. 
  • Strong economy – fortunately, the economy and job market of SC are quite strong, which results in plenty of job opportunities. 
  • It’s affordable – living costs in South Carolina are not as expensive as in some neighboring states. Furthermore, home prices are not that high as well – median home prices are several times cheaper than in certain US states. 
  • Healthy and active lifestyle – mild climate and plenty of options for outdoor activities enable people to stay healthy for longer. 

Deciding to move is never easy. Luckily, the Palmetto State is a great choice – no doubt about it. Now let’s talk more about the South Carolina real estate predictions for 2032 – is it the right time to buy a home?

Pick the best home for your new family – South Carolina might be the right choice. 

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What to expect from the South Carolina real estate market in 2023?

After the global pandemic, all industries have suffered certain changes, even real estate. That’s why it’s important to have a look at certain predictions to be able to choose the right time and place to buy a property. 

Prices will stop growing 

In 2022 prices of homes were rapidly growing, yet 2023 brings different trends. According to some stats, prices will not grow over 5% percent, which creates a great climate for buyers. At the same time, the situation will not encourage sellers to put their properties on the market.

Buyers can expect prices to stop growing in 2023. 

Interest rates will go higher 

Due to the current inflation, we can expect interest rates to go even up to 9%. It’s a possible scenario for 2023, but it shouldn’t scare you, as we expect interest rates to go down after we reach a recession. However, if you opt for buying a home, it might be a wise idea to buy it soon and avoid high-interest rates. 

Spring 2023 will be a hot season for buyers 

The first part of the year will start strong, as most of the buyers will go home shopping in spring. This may increase the demand, so if you’re a buyer, start preparing for the process soon. For those who are planning to sell their homes in 2023, maybe it’s wise to wait until the spring to put your property on the market for a bigger profit. 

Will there be enough houses on the market? 

The slowdown in home sales will continue 

Due to the current market situation and inflations, buyers are getting more cautious with their investments. This means that the 2022 trend of home sales slowing down will continue in 2023 as well. This could mean that listings may stay longer on the market, and the days-on-the-market rate will go up above 30. 

You’re a seller? Make sure you prepare your home well for the sale, ensuring it doesn’t stay long on the market. Polishing curb appeal, home staging, and doing minor repairs can help a lot, as well as hiring an experienced agent. 

Buying a new home and moving to South Carolina in 2023 

These South Carolina real estate predictions for 2023 shouldn’t discourage you from getting your dream home. You have time to prepare well for the purchase, as well as relocation to this amazing state. Here are some tips on getting a perfect home, but also ensuring a smooth move. 

Work with professionals 

When you are in good hands, you can expect success no matter what. This is important for those who plan to buy a home out of state. Make sure you trust a local real estate agent who has enough experience in the desired market. Furthermore, if you pick a local moving team that has many positive recommendations and satisfied clients, an easy transfer is guaranteed. Always double-check the people who are involved in the process, so you avoid nightmare scenarios and regret, which are unfortunately very common in real estate and moving businesses. 

Remember: don’t limit your research to internet reviews. These can often be fake, so it’s important to check other sources when moving to another state, but also learn how to recognize fraudulent moving companies. Get recommendations from the people you trust, and research official databases of agents and moving companies to make the final decision. 

Be financially ready 

Another essential part of a successful home purchase is having your budget ready. Real estate investment comes with a number of different expected and unexpected expenses, along with a down payment. Furthermore, you’ll need money for the moving process as well. These expenses include moving company fees, packing supplies, traveling costs, and more. Costs can pile up, so it’s important to start saving on time. Best Long Distance Movers advise you to create a moving budget that will contain all the expenses, small or big. This way you can track your expenses and be aware of how much this adventure will cost. 

Pick the right location 

Remember that it can happen that these South Carolina real estate predictions for 2023 may not apply to all parts of the state. Prices can vary depending on the location, so it’s one of the factors to consider as well. It’s best to pick a city that matches your lifestyle and preferences, as well as your career plans. Luckily, South Carolina offers some great options for bigger and smaller cities to choose from, so finding the best place to live won’t be a problem. 



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