Brad Dean

Mayor Seeks I-73 Funding In China

Local WBTW Channel 13 News has just reported that the Mayor and County Councilman Mark Lazarus are in the middle of a 16 day...

City Promotes, Then Abandons Fictitious Tourist Numbers

    Last June 9th,  just after Myrtle Beach Mayor (John Rhodes), City Manager (John Pedersen), and all of City Council voted to allow the Myrtle Beach Area...

Help Versus Empowerment

In the 1950's and 60's the black church led a moral uprising that encouraged white America to join in the mantle of what we all hoped would...

David Hucks – Beyond the Single Story

As I recently watched an old Ted Talk about the dangers of the single story, a Myrtle Beach local suddenly came to mind. He would...

Chamber of Commerce Attacks Small Business

  "In a pre-calculated measure by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber, this lawsuit victory now completely opens the door for the company registered by Brittain with an almost...

Summer Visitors Expected Down By 800,000

Tourism Industry forecasters are now predicting Summer vacationers to Myrtle Beach may be down by as many as 800,000 visitors.   This will mark...

Collusion In Myrtle Beach

In 2015, as we approach the Summer of year six of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce's 1% tourist tax initiative,  I believe...

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