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The Difference Between 4-Ohm And 8-Ohm Speakers

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Marleny Hucks
Marleny Hucks
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Who doesn’t love music? Most people listen to it on their phones, laptops and televisions. Some go a little further and invest in speakers to enhance their listening experiences. If buying speakers is something you are interested in then you are no doubt here on this page because the technical jargon surrounding them confuses you. Grades and categories of speakers are easily the hardest pieces of information to interpret and understand for the uninitiated.

This article will explore the differences between 4-ohm and 8-ohm speakers, as these are the most common types sold by retailers:

Differences In Power

When it comes to speakers, more power translates to louder sound output. Not everybody is concerned about efficiency or maximizing energy savings. Some people only care about buying the loudest speaker they can. In such cases, individuals are better off investing in 4-ohm speakers. According to an article exploring impedance for speakers reference is given to the fact that 4-ohm speakers are significantly more powerful than 8-ohm ones. At the same time, 8-ohm speakers are much more efficient and are therefore better for individuals concerned with conserving energy. Sound clarity is something you need to think about in addition to power differences. While some speakers aren’t very powerful they sound much clearer than more powerful ones. Listening to music should be an enjoyable experience so do not sacrifice sound quality for power. To get a powerful and clear speaker you will likely have to pay a lot.

Overall Popularity

Because 4-ohm speakers are more powerful than 8-ohm ones they are more popular. Due to their popularity, they are more expensive. If you are on a budget it is therefore important to spend time researching and determining whether or not it is a good idea to get an 8-ohm speaker and save money. While 4-ohm speakers are more expensive that does not for a second mean all of them are of the same quality; some are better than others. Doing your own research prior to purchase will help you to get the most for your money.

Better Sound Quality

While earlier reference was given to the fact that power does not necessarily mean better sound quality, in the case of 4-ohm speakers they nearly always have better sound quality. With 4-ohm speakers, you get sound boosts that still deliver exceptional clarity and sound quality. Before buying a speaker, however, you should try it out in person first. If trying your chosen speaker out in person is not feasible then an alternative is to watch a video review. You can find video reviews for most speakers online. If you cannot then you can read written reviews.

Buying Headphones

Speakers aren’t your only option. If you enjoy listening to music but are on a budget then instead of paying for expensive speakers you could buy yourself a set of headphones. You can find a broad range of headphones available online some priced for next to nothing; if you are on a budget but want powerful speakers then consider shopping on the used market. You should always ask sellers to send you video proof that the speakers or headphones you are planning on buying work before you send them payment for the items you are buying.

Other Considerations

Ohms aren’t the only considerations that should be made when you are buying speakers, especially if it’s for the first time. Individuals with no experience with speakers need to do their research before spending any money. While speakers might seem simple in actuality they are very complex. People who have no idea how they work often end up making big mistakes and buying devices not suited to their needs. A good way to determine whether a speaker is for you or not if you do not know anything about their internal mechanics of them is to read reviews. A product’s reviews can tell you more or less everything you need to know about it.

Bluetooth Capabilities

One last thing that you need to think about is Bluetooth. Does the speaker you are buying have Bluetooth capabilities? Very few people listen to CDs anymore. Most people stream music from their laptops or phones. If the speaker system you are buying does not have Bluetooth then you will not be able to stream music from your devices, directly to it. Older speakers tend not to have Bluetooth while more modern ones do. Do your research and find one that does unless you plan on listening to music via discs.

The differences between 4- and 8-ohm speakers are not vast but there are enough to make choosing between them difficult, especially for individuals with no real experience. If you are looking for sound quality then 4-ohm speakers are the obvious option whereas if you want efficiency, 8-ohm speakers are worth buying.



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