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Keeping a grocery list when shopping for groceries helps us stay on budget and stay organized. Shopping lists can still be made on paper, but thanks to many amazing grocery shopping apps, it is easy and convenient to store them.

The greatest benefit of having a shopping app is that since you’re always carrying your smartphone with you, you don’t have to worry about not having to memorize your grocery list. It is also possible to add to your list anytime and from any location without needing to search for a pen or paper. Let us look at some of the top grocery list apps for android that you can download. 

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However, before you begin downloading these applications, make sure to have high-speed internet like CenturyLink. Check out CenturyLink Internet Plans and subscribe to one that suits you. With that sorted, let’s go through the guide without any delay! 

  1. Bring

If you are looking to streamline your shopping list, this is the app for you. The customizable feature of this app lets users make lists with various themes and colors for their backgrounds. It is easy to add items to the list by adding its name. One of the great things about this app is that things will be classified automatically. 

Also, you’ll be able to reduce your expenses by not investing in unnecessary items. One of the most useful features of this app is the ability to share and create your shopping lists, which you can then share with family members.

  1. AnyList

AnyList is a fantastic application for making grocery shopping lists as well as putting your recipes in one place. It is easy to share the list with your roommates or spouse at no cost. Changes are also readily visible on any device running the app.

AnyList does exactly what it says in its name, particularly in the grocery shopping department. The Autocomplete feature will suggest the most commonly used items when you type them in and intuitively categorizes the items into groups. It is easy to share lists by email with anyone you’d like. Any modifications will be synchronized instantly.

  1. Google Keep

The Google Keep app allows you to make lists based on topics or stores, and add additional information to them using Google Assistant. It connects to Google’s cloud services and has desktop apps too, making it an ideal tool for writing notes before heading out early in the day or after a night out. 

It is also possible to collaborate with certain people, which means you can create a collective grocery shopping list for your family. It is likely to create notes that will hold as many as 3000 characters. Furthermore, Google Keep allows users to save notes whenever they no longer need them. You can also add pictures to the note and pin them to your preferred folder. All this is free.

  1. Super Simple Shopping

There are several grocery list apps available but Super Simple Shopping List is arguably the best one. You can quickly and easily arrange your shopping list in a short time. After installing this application, you must hit the + button and type in the name of each item. Your shopping lists will become organized in hours. The app includes the option of pinning the list and allows you to keep track of the things, which are important to you.

  1. Our Groceries

Our Groceries lets you link to your Google Assistant so you can add items with a voice using Google Smart speaker or Google Assistant app. It is possible to use the barcode scanner to add items you want to include in your shopping list, and when you mark items off the list, they will be added to a separate list, so you can see them until you decide to erase them.

Other options  include Wear OS and image support and the ability to make lists available to your roommates, family members, and so on. It is also compatible with iPhone and should be able to cover all phones in your home. The application is free when you have Google Play Pass if you make use of it.

  1. Softlist

You can include things like, pictures, units, and other items when creating your  grocery list. It will estimate the price of your journey so that you know exactly what you’ll pay when you arrive at the payment point. Additionally, it has the option of a previous purchase feature, which records the information of the previous items you purchased so that you can access that information.

  1. TickTick

This is another powerful grocery to-do list app. TickTick has a simple interface, reminders, and other to-do list-style features. The app primarily provides a reminder to empty the trash, honey-to-do lists, and other simple everyday tasks. It is designed in a way that assists users in making grocery lists easy. Simply create a new section and call it a “grocery list.”Then add items you need for your home in it. Furthermore, you can share your list with anyone you wish.

The free version has a restricted set of features. To access other features, you need to buy the app’s premium version. However, the free version should be sufficient for most people. It is not necessary unless you are looking for some really serious capabilities.

  1. Capacity

Capacity is another famous grocery list app out there. It ensures that you do not forget any item on your shopping list. You can even list your items by categories such as fruits, vegetables, or dairy products. Users can add more categories to enhance their lists.

The app allows family members to add or delete items from your list easily. Chat is also available, which can be a very useful feature. You can use the group feature and notify the members when you go to the supermarket so that they can add and delete items, saving you from another supermarket trip.


A grocery list application makes it easier for you to buy monthly items, but with modern tech, you can write a list of grocery items and share it with your partner or a friend with all the nutrition information and price, etc. Many of the above-mentioned apps permit several users at the same time to edit and add items to the wish list.  

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