“We certainly aren’t going to tell a religious organization what to believe”

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City reverses its stand on Ground Zero

After 350 Christians attended an Horry County School board meeting last night in support of Ground Zero, the City of Myrtle Beach has decided to reverse its position on Ground Zero.

Ground Zero is a faith based discipleship program for teenagers located in downtown Myrtle Beach. Ground Zero leases the property from the City of Myrtle Beach.

An email received from Mark Kruea, Myrtle Beach City Public Information Officer reads: For the record, Ground Zero appears to welcome everyone to its youth ministry.  See Stephanie Sebring’s comments in the Sun News that they serve teens who identify as LGBTQ+.  We aren’t aware of any issues and have no plans to alter the existing landlord-tenant relationship with Ground Zero.  We certainly aren’t going to tell a religious organization what to believe.  Ground Zero did a wonderful job of renovating the former Rivoli Theatre.  Its investment in the city’s building is to the public’s benefit. 

The city had previously stated that it was not aware of Ground Zero’s biblical position on Gay issues.

A lease between the City of Myrtle Beach and Ground Zero Foia’d by MyrtleBeachSC News showed that the city was aware of Ground Zero’s beliefs and mission from the date of the lease’s signature on July 2011.

Then Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes actually handed Scott Paysuer of Ground Zero a $20 bill covering the 20 year lease with the city.


Since the city first made comments about the Christian ministry, Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune, City Councilman John Krajc, the Transgender and LBGTQ community have gone silent on the issue.

The ACLU and the gay community was scheduled to speak last night at a Horry County School Board meeting, but “no showed” the event.


Over 350 true Christians showed up last night at the Horry County School Board meeting.

The win is not theirs however. The win, was in fact, God’s win. God is clear when he says, “I have given you the land. Go and take the land.”

It is through surrendered and activated Christians who operate with faith and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit that God changes communities. God should get all of the glory for a transformed community.

We have previously written that the institutional church no longer makes disciples. This is a role the government now prefers to take the lead on through public schools.

Until Christians get engaged making disciples, who make disciples that make disciples, residents can expect these cultural struggles and the might of government bureaucratic influence to only increase and accelerate.

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