What Are the Most Dangerous Roads in Charleston?

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South Carolina is one of the most dangerous states in the U.S. for motorists.

According to a study published by Wall Street 24/7, SC is actually ranked the third-worst for roadway safety in the country.

The fact that SC has a diverse range of roads, including eight-lane interstates, two-lane blacktop, and unpaved roads, perhaps has something to do with it.

Charleston is one place in SC that sees a high level of auto accidents and fatalities each year. But which Charleston roads are the most dangerous?

The Most Dangerous Roads in Charleston

Based on a study of the traffic fatality reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, we can get a good idea of which Charleston roads are the most dangerous.

Topping the list is U.S. 17, more commonly known as the Coastal Highway, which has more fatalities, on average, than any other road in the city.

The same study concludes that the next most dangerous highways in the area are Interstate 26 and SC 9. The former runs east-west from Charleston to Columbia and close to Landrum in Spartanburg County. The latter starts at North Myrtle Beach and runs east-west to Lancaster.

The latest statistics show that, between 2015 and 2017, there were eighty-two fatalities on U.S. 17, fifty-two fatalities on Interstate 26, and forty-five fatalities on SC 9.

By looking at a study by Teletrac, which examined traffic fatalities in 2015 across the country, we can see that several Charleston roads made the list of Teletrac’s twenty-five most dangerous roads in the U.S.

It confirms that Interstate 26 and U.S. 17 are two of the most dangerous roads in the country. Interstate 26 was ranked number twelve on the list and U.S. 17 was ranked number twenty. Interstate 85 also made the list. It was ranked number fifteen.

Other Dangerous Roads in Charleston

While the above roads continue to be some of the most dangerous in Charleston, and in the entire country, there are other local roads in Charleston that are well-known for having a high accident and fatality rate.

According to Hughey Law Firm, the other most dangerous roads in Charleston are:

· Interstate 95.

· Interstate 20.

· Meeting Street.

· Ashley Phosphate Road.

· St. Philip Street.

· Calhoun Street.

· King Street​.

Hiring an Experienced Charleston Car Accident Lawyer

You can reduce your chances of being involved in a car accident in Charleston by always remembering to drive safely, following the rules of the road, and being extra cautious during poor road or weather conditions.

But, even when you drive safely, accidents can happen.

If you are injured in a car accident in Charleston that is not your fault, you at least have the opportunity to claim compensation to cover things like medical bills, lost current and future earnings, and your pain and suffering.

To help you get the damages you are entitled to, you should hire an experienced and skillful Charleston car accident lawyer like Hughey Law Firm.

With an excellent attorney on board, you stand a good chance of receiving the maximum payout, as expert lawyers know how to navigate tricky legal complexities and work on your behalf to obtain the best outcome.

The Takeaway

As we have seen, Charleston has some of the most dangerous roads in the United States. So, you should pay extra attention when driving on roads like the Coastal Highway and Interstate 26. If you can, it could be wise to avoid such roads altogether.

Also, it was recently announced that the Federal Highway Administration is investing heavily into South Carolina’s roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure with a number of programs. So, the state’s roads could become much safer in the coming years.

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