What Happens If You Slip And Fall In A Retail Store?

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Most retail store injuries are the result of a landlord’s or business owner’s negligence. You are legally entitled to a safe experience if you have a reason to be on the store’s property, whether you are a customer, a delivery person, or someone else conducting business with the establishment. In essence, the store has a duty to offer a secure environment to customers. The visitor has the right to file a slip and fall lawsuit if the store owner or landlord is careless and causes the visitor harm. 

The business is obligated to maintain a safe environment for any injuries sustained on the property’s premises, parking area, toilet, dressing room, hallways, checkout lines, and entrances. Here are some of the things you should do if you experience a slip and fall situation. 

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Stay Informed

You Have to Be Sure It’s Retail’s Fault

You cannot file a lawsuit against someone for just tripping and falling on their property unless you can prove that there was an overly hazardous circumstance that resulted in your injury. To file a slip and fall lawsuit against a retailer, you must show that they were negligent and that their actions caused your injuries. Additionally, you must show that the business should have known about the dangerous state. You are suing the corporation essentially because you were injured as a result of their failure to address a dangerous situation of which they were aware.

Seek Medical Help

You must, first and foremost, get medical attention for your injuries. As the folks at https://olsonlawfirm.com/personal-injury/premises-liability/slip-and-fall/ say, the most crucial factor is your health. Therefore, even if you don’t believe you were seriously injured, a doctor should nevertheless evaluate you. You might not even be aware that you have a concussion after falling and hitting your head. Additionally, seeking the proper medical attention will guarantee that there is medical evidence to support your damage claim.

Report the Incident to Employees

Any fall incidents that take place inside a store should be reported, preferably to the manager, supervisor, or any on-duty staff member. In most stores, there is a procedure in place for reporting slip and fall incidents. The premises’ insurance company or legal counsel may assert that the slip and fall incident never truly occurred if you fail to notify the injuries.

Hire a Lawyer

An accomplished personal injury attorney who has handled numerous slip and fall cases will be aware of the precise proof you need to prove your case. Be as specific as you can in looking for the right lawyer for your situation. For example, if you had ridden your bike to the store and had an accident in the parking lot, then you would want to look for a bicycle accident attorney.

The right lawyer will know what kind of settlement to seek for your case and will negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair payout. Without their support, you may find it difficult to bargain with a pushy insurance provider and end up with much less than you deserve or possibly nothing at all.

Gather Evidence

Additionally, be certain to gather proof of the accident as quickly as you can, preferably while you’re inside the shop. Take pictures of the dangerous circumstances, the reason for your accident, your obvious wounds, and any alterations to your clothing or other personal items. If anyone is nearby, ask them what they observed and for their contact information; you might need to get in touch with them again in the future for more information. Of course, you won’t be able to accomplish these activities if your injuries are too severe. Perhaps someone who is with you could help.

Document Everything About the Accident

Injury victims should constantly write down any information they can recall about the incident. When the injured victim’s memories of the incident are still sharp, this must be done on the same day as the incident. After the incident, victims of store slip-and-fall accidents should keep a notebook in which they can chronicle their daily emotions until they have recovered to the best of their medical ability. Particular harms, such as pain and suffering and mental distress, which are more challenging to quantify, can be shown using this type of proof.

Don’t Take the Responsibility

You will have to speak with the owner or occupier of the property, but you shouldn’t make any statements. It’s imperative that you make no excuses for the accident or take responsibility in any way. This may be used against you in the future by the property owner or the insurance provider, which may have an impact on your claim.

Don’t Make Settlements

Don’t provide them with any additional information or discuss “compensation” if the storeowner or their insurance company contacts you. Never consent to a “release” in return for cash. You never know how an injury will turn out, even if it seems like it isn’t significant enough to earn a large payout. You might wind up needing prolonged medical care for months (or possibly a lifetime), which would require you to miss work and give up things you enjoy. You should receive fair recompense.

Make sure you do all of the things listed above if you or your loved one has been injured in this kind of accident. It’s important to hire a professional who knows exactly how to deal with these situations, and you should strive to recover as quickly as possible.

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