5 Ways to Safeguard Your Career in the Digital Age

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David Hucks
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The digital age is well underway, and automation has arrived, which has caused many people to fear that their jobs will become obsolete. Fortunately, humans will always have an edge over technology because they’re human, meaning they have the power to think creatively and with emotions. With this in mind, we’ve put together a series of strategies to safeguard your career in the digital age. 

Filling the Gap

Technology is pretty impressive these days, but it’s always going to have limitations. Therefore, to avoid being replaced by technology, you’ll need to become a highly specialized professional that’s capable of bringing creating techniques and insights to the table that can never be replicated by machines. This is a quality that many successful entrepreneurs have. i.e., an innate ability to bring a unique flair to a company that can never be replicated. 

Moving Forward

Technology will always find ways to improve, so stay ahead of the game by understanding the next big trend. At the moment, that involves robotics, computer science, blockchain, and machine learning. There are many ways to stay updated including following news articles and practicing technical skills. Additionally, higher learning can help you to open the door to new advanced technology, like the graduate degrees for the digital age from UF college of journalism and communication

Niching Down

Technology is making waves across all industries, but there will always be a niche area that’s too small to automate. This is where you need to target your career efforts, but it needs to be an area that’s profitable as well. For example, if you’re passionate about Ancient Greek history and have a knowledge base far beyond your peers, you can walk into the museum industry and find room for progression and satisfaction. 

Maintaining Machines

The nature of technology means that it will always need human input to succeed and improve. Therefore, if you can’t rise above the machine, become highly skilled in maintaining them. Regardless of whether you work in the tech field, your skills will be essential in every industry. In some industries, your understanding of technology will be more sought-after than any other job role. For example, in the education industry, there’s always a need for teachers, but the rise of technology means it’s crying out for tech-savvy individuals. 

Stepping Aside

If you can’t beat technology, simply leave the tech well alone and focus on human-based careers. For example, even though technology can improve the hospitality industry, it will never be able to replace humans. If you choose to “step aside”, it’s important to ask yourself if there’s room for progression in your chosen industry. 

Many people are looking at how technology will replace the need for human roles, but this way of thinking needs to shift toward how many roles technology will create. After all, humans will always hold the cards when it comes to common sense, judgment, and flexibility. The biggest career challenge throughout the digital age is finding ways to allow your human qualities to work alongside technology.



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