6 Steps to Create a Viral Video on Social Media Every Time you Post

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How do these influencers manage to nail the right video and have so many likes and shares? They all seem to follow a pattern to do it, but you don’t know what it is. You want to be successful as they are, but you can’t break the magical pattern.

There’s indeed a pattern behind it. If you want to know the secret recipe, you’re at the right place. We’re here to explain how to record and publish a flawless video. It doesn’t matter if you’re making an Instagram reel, a Tik-Tok post, or a Facebook video. Follow up to learn how to make the perfect social media video that will go viral.

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1. Deeply elaborate the idea

Like everything on the internet, the content you’re posting is essential for success. You need to know your public, and you need to think thoroughly about the idea. Don’t do anything until you do enough research and brainstorm about what you will be recording.

When you have an idea, it’s time to start working. Check online if someone has already made something similar. Use the hashtags to filter the content, and if you see that they didn’t have success, you may want to think of something else.

It’s crucial to have groundbreaking ideas, but it’s also wise to use the already successful ideas, like following a trend. Internet users love trends, so jumping on the moving wagon by adding your personal touch is something that works for everyone.

2. Get the right camera and lighting

You can’t record a flawless video with a potato. You want to invest in a camera that will have excellent video quality. Simultaneously, you need to mind the lighting for the video. The lighting is everything for having a flawless quality, and even a poor camera can provide excellent results in the daylight.

If you want to record DIY videos or how you’re doing something when no natural light is available, the best option is to get a head torch that you’ll provide a hands-free option. When you’re hands-free, you can easily record what’s in front of you and create a fantastic video even though the natural light is poor or non-existing.

3. Keep the ideal video length

You can’t make the same length for all social media. You need to know your target group and make videos according to their needs. So, if you’re filming for Tik Tok, your video is best to be up to 15 seconds long. Tik Tok is filled with Gen Z users whose attention span is the shortest.

On the other hand, Instagram users have a longer attention span, and the best length for this social media is up to 60 seconds. Still, if you’re planning to post on Facebook, where all generations will see your video, you should aim between 60 and 90 seconds, although some claim that videos up to three minutes may be highly successful.

4. Edit until it’s flawless

What seems like a great job will be useless to someone else. If you see just one tiny flaw, make sure you repair it. Many free and paid video editing tools are available online, and you’ll want to use them all for your posting.

Your video may seem amazing from the first shot, but that may happen once in a few years. To be successful, you need to edit many times until you reach perfection. Just a tiny error and users will not be entirely thrilled and won’t engage with your post.

5. Write engaging description when you post

A great title or description under the video may make a tremendous difference in how interested people are in it. You can record something entirely ordinary, but the right caption can make it viral.

Sometimes, a flawless, interesting video can be ruined by long, abusive, incompetent, or similar types of captions that users may find dull, offensive, etc. Think about the description thoroughly, and only post when you’re ready.

6. Choose an intriguing thumbnail

How often did you not click on a video because you had no idea what it was about based on the thumbnail, and how often did you avoid clicking on one because the thumbnail for the video was repelling?

A great intriguing thumbnail will engage users to see what’s behind it. If you’re posting on YouTube, this is more than important, but all social media equally demand a thumbnail for those who would like to share it as a link with friends and followers.


Make a video using these steps, and the chances of going viral are way higher than they would be if you simply posted the first thing that your camera caught. Make sure you have a great idea, edit the video perfectly, know who it is made for, and have all details covered in post-production.

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