An overview of HDB Fire insurance and home insurance


According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), there were 2,862 fire calls in 2019, up 7.8% from 2,656 the previous year. 

58.1 percent of these occurrences happened in a building. Residential houses accounted for 40.8 percent (or 1,168 cases) which unsupervised cooking and carelessly dumped trash were the root causes of several of these fires.

With numbers this high, it’s important to take the time and consider whether you and your family are adequately protected from fires such as those mentioned above at home.

Owners of HDB flats may recall acquiring a mandatory fire insurance policy when they purchased their house. However, the coverage isn’t as extensive as it is with house insurance. 

So, if you only have compulsory fire insurance, there’s definitely a lot more you can do to be prepared for the worst, and comprehensive home insurance might be the way to go.

The infographic shows the differences between HBD fire insurance and home insurance. 

  • HBD fire insurance: Only damages to your flat’s construction, as well as HDB-provided fixtures and fittings, are covered with HBD fire insurance. Renovations, furnishings, and the contents of your property are not protected. 
  • Comprehensive home insurance: This type of insurance covers renovations, furnishings, and the contents of your property. Home insurances are more comprehensive insurances that protect more but are more expensive too. 

There are two types of home insurance accessible in general:

  • Insured peril: This insurance protects you against certain calamities or disasters like fires, floods, and thefts.
  • All dangers: As the name implies, this provides protection in a broader range of scenarios. As a result, they are frequently more expensive.

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