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Horry County Fire Department
Challenged and understaffed At the worst possible time

As Florence Approaches, Horry County Fire Staff Get Ominous Email

As Florence approaches,  the Horry County Fire Department firemen are being asked to work a minimum of 36 additional hours or more during the height of the storm.
Firemen who just worked a 24 hour shift are  being sent home tomorrow morning for 36 hours or more.
Those coming on shift tomorrow will be there for 36 hours or more.  With the storm approaching a new shift or workers will have challenges in getting to their assigned stations.
Many of those now going off duty have already sent their families to Florida, NC, Southern SC, etc to evacuate the area.  Those going off duty will  want to be with their evacuated families.   Horry County Fire Department are asking those men to go off duty for 36 hours and go home alone.  The department is doing this to avoid hazard pay.
Tonight Horry County Assistant Chief, Douglas K. Kline sent out the below email.
The email follows as below:
This is to inform department members that we will be doing a shift change on 9/13/2018 at 0700 hours.  You should be receiving a phone call from staff in the operations center informing you and providing details to this shift change and the operational period.
This means everyone assigned “B” shift on the storm schedule will be reporting to their assigned storm station on 9/13/2018 at 0700 hours.  Please prepare to stay at the very  minimum of 36 hours with the reality  of a much longer extended tour of duty due to storm conditions.
Please make sure you have plenty of clothing, medication, etc to do for that extended duration.  If you have any questions please follow your chain of command.
Douglas K. Cline
Douglas K. Cline | Assistant Chief
Horry County Government
Horry County Fire Rescue
2560 North Main Street Suite 1, Conway, South Carolina 29526
Tel 843-742-6920 | Fax 843-915-6190 | clined@horrycounty.org



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