At 200 million viewers: X, Carlson, and Trump beat all other legacy channels combined

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David Hucks
David Hucks
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X has officially made legacy media the horse and buggy of news and information channels.

The Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump broadcast of last night has now been seen by 250 million viewers.

As can be seen below, all other cable news channels combined reach 3.2 million viewers daily.

On debate night, Foxnews posted that it had 12.8 million viewers including social media tags and shares. Those totals equate to 5.4% of the viewers from Carlson’s X episode.

Not even sports programming on legacy media reaches the numbers X cranked out last night.

Why viewers like the X format

  • X is unfiltered with viewers commenting ongoing as the broadcast continues.
  • Viewers can watch it on their schedule. At broadcast end last night, the show reached 78.7 million dwarfing cable news. Numbers only grew, however, over the past 24 hours as many who watched legacy media during the airing, came back to watch the broadcast later.
  • X is shareable. You simply can’t share a Foxnews TV show with your friends and relatives.
  • AND the biggest reason is likely because viewers are tired of a middle man in legacy media pushing some narrative that viewers may or may not agree with.

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The lab experiment is now officially over.  As a comparison, none of Fox News’ X posts about its own debate had more than 110,000 views on Thursday morning. That’s despite the network having 24 million followers, compared to Carlson’s 9.7 million.

As the DAILYMAIL REPORTS: Estimates for how much the X show will earn Carlson vary wildly, and there is no official figure. At the top end of the scale, it’s been suggested he could net $4 for every one thousand views – that would mean the Trump interview alone earned Carlson close to $1 million.

Every industry has some new technological interruption that permanently changes things forevermore forward.

Legacy media is toast. X ruled all media combined last night.

Look for sports programming to come to an interactive X channel real soon. AND when that happens, Katie bar the door.

There is really no going back. FYI – you won’t find this news article on any legacy news broadcast and for good reason. No one wants to report their own funeral.

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