Diane Hardy is a small business owner and founder of the Mom and Pop Alliance of South Carolina. She submits on behalf of the Mom and Pop Alliance of South Carolina.

Freelance Column: A Personal Apology For My Generation

Our Generation: “It is time for each of us to assess our gifts and talents and decide how we can help …” Reprinted with...

The Stunning Truth About Who is Advising SC Legislators

It’s a real head scratcher! We apologize in advance that you’ll have wade through a sea of alphabet soup to understand who South Carolina...

How To Get Rid Of Deep Wrinkles With Ease

As we age, wrinkles become a part of life. Deep wrinkles can be particularly difficult to get rid of and are often the result...

Connecting the Dots on Wokeism, and How ESGs Could Hurt Myrtle Beach Small Businesses

Why would any large corporation risk losing its customer base to go woke? It seems to make no sense, but when you understand the...

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