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Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders “Free” promises hit similar tone as city’s

Democratic Socialist Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made his “give us free” pitch in Myrtle Beach, S.C. this afternoon.

Promising “free” universal healthcare for all, “free” college tuition, “free” cancellation of all student debt, and “free” campaign financing for anyone running for public office, Sanders spoke in front of a small crowd of about 250 like minded people.

Oddly, neither Mayor Brenda Bethune, Socialist City Manager John Pedersen, nor any members of Myrtle Beach city council were present. As residents know, like Sanders, city leaders offer many similar “free” government subsidized programs. These offers are the mainstay of Myrtle Beach politics.

Render Chestnut Jeffcoat
Councilmen Phil Render, Mary Jeffcoat, and Mike Chestnut

Myrtle Beach is the city that loves and preaches “Free for the Few.”

At this moment, Myrtle Beach is asking county residents to pay hospitality taxes so as to buy the tourism lobby a “Free” I-73 route into the city.

I 73

The city also collects $55 million in “Free” advertising tax dollars annually for the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce.

Myrtle Beach Area Chamber

Opportunity Zone “free” tax subsidies, Historic District “free” Tax Credits, and primary residential “free” real estate tax credits (paid by tourists and out of town condo investors) are some of the common programs offered in the tax subsidized “City of Free.”

Future Library
Taxpayer dollars purchased this property located beside where Mashburn Construction exists. Bought at below prices offered in the market. Financed by taxpayers.


When Myrtle Beach says “Free”, however, that language usually means free for establishment insiders or those hand picked by city government.

Crony Socialist – The Durham Democrat John Pedersen

While Democratic Socialist, John Pedersen, throws words like “economic incentives” around, what that language means is opportunities for “the few friends of Myrtle Beach city government.”

In the City of Myrtle Beach, Sanders was well at home among his comrades in city government.



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