CBS POLL: Unless Haley ballot harvests, Trump versus Haley is done

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David Hucks
David Hucks
David Hucks is a 12th generation descendant of the area we now call Myrtle Beach, S.C. David attended Coastal Carolina University and like most of his family, has never left the area. David is the lead journalist at

Early voting began today in the Trump versus Haley, S.C. Primary which concludes on February 24th.

A newly released CBS News Poll, makes it clear. Unless Haley’s S.C. Campaign Consultant Walter Whetsell can work with powerful Democrat Jim Clyburn to ballot harvest over the next few days, this primary is over.

Most America First voters wait until election day. However, Democrats excel in early ballot harvesting.

When S.C. voters are asked if Haley’s S.C. residency matters, 75 percent of voters say it makes no difference.

S.C. voters believe former President Donald J. Trump will fight for residents like them. The margin gives President Trump a 25% advantage.

In the Haley versus Trump matchup, residents say Haley is not part of the Make America Great Again movement. Haley and Whetsell’s tag line of “Make America Normal Again” simply has not caught on.

Trump and Haley

61% of those polled in the Trump versus Haley primary told CBS that Haley’s attacks on Trump’s mental fitness is unfair.

Walter Whetsell’s team is working the X platform ongoing since the Trump rally in Conway, SC claiming Trump does not support our veterans. Locals in Horry County informed our news team that this argument was more like snow in the summer. It just doesn’t stick and evaporates quickly.

Haley loves to tout favorable left centered polls that state she would more likely beat Biden in a general election. However, S.C. residents give Trump a 22% margin over Haley. 55% say that Trump is more likely to beat Biden, while only 33% say that Haley would win the general.

This CBS News/YouGov survey was conducted with a representative sample of 1,483 registered voters in South Carolina between February 5-10, 2024, including 1,004 likely Republican primary voters. The margin of error is ±3.0 points for the sample overall and ±4.4 points for likely Republican primary voters.

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