Compounded Medications As Personalized Medicine A Brief Guide

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You may often find yourself feeling frustrated when taking so many pills, capsules, or other forms of medications daily. In some cases, these medications do not even work as well as expected and you end up adding even more medications to your current list.

Along with other ways to ensure you stay healthy, compounded medication might be just the solution for you.

Compounded medication involves the combination of various substances personalized according to your health’s needs. This means that the pharmaceutical company can mix and combine substances into one medication in line with your specific requirements through quality drug products production.

The manufacturing of compound medications is done by approved and accredited companies that would ensure that the production process is up to quality standards. 

In this article, we will discuss the various uses of compound medications as well as other aspects related to the use of these compounds.

What Are They Used For?

Compounded medication is usually prescribed for various reasons and a variety of different ailments. They are most likely used for skin problems, pain management, and thyroid conditions but can also be prescribed for other medical reasons and conditions.

Some patients may require one dose of medication that has been combined from multiple single doses. While others may require a liquid form of the medication instead of a tablet or capsule and for these reasons the medication could also be compounded. This is why residents of California may seek compounded medication in Ventura County, as it allows for personalized prescriptions tailored to their unique healthcare needs. These custom medications cater to specific patient requirements, ensuring effective treatment and improved overall well-being.

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Are Compounded Medications Safe?

The quick answer is yes and no. Although these compounded medications can be extremely beneficial to one patient, they may not have the same effect for another and could actually be harmful in some instances.

It will be best to consult with your medical practitioner and use these medications exactly as prescribed. Do not share your medication with any other person as these are specifically made for you.

Checking with your medical practitioner before combining the compound medication with any other medication will also be wise. Additionally, remember to notify any other medical practitioner that you will be consulting with of all the medications you are currently using, including your compound medication.

Does The FDA Approve These Medications?

Individual substances included in the combination would most likely be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but not necessarily the combination thereof.

One of the roles of the FDA is to ensure that medications are safe for consumption and would then approve their use. Because your compound medication is specifically made for you, the combination of the medications has not been tested and thus not approved.

The pharmaceutical companies will rely on the safety data available for each of the individual substances and then refer to their interactions with other medications to ensure that the compound is safely manufactured.

Manufacturers are also compelled to follow all rules and regulations set out for the manufacturing process as set out by the FDA.

Who Can Prescribe Compounded Medication?

Usually, you will receive a prescription from your medical practitioner which will allow you to hand it in at your local pharmacy. Or in some cases, it can be directly sent to the pharmaceutical company to request that the compound be manufactured for you.

Dermatologists, specialists, and other medical practitioners who are authorized to authorize medication can assist with a compound medication prescription for your needs.

Who Will Compound The Medication?

If more complex combinations are required, the medication would probably be manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. For less complex combinations, for example, the combination of two or more creams or lotions, your local pharmacy might be able to assist.

Before handing in your prescription, contact your local pharmacy first to make sure that they can indeed be able to assist you or if you would need to receive your medication from a manufacturer only.

Will I Be Able To Renew My Prescription?

As long as your medical practitioner feels that you need this medication, they can continue prescribing it to you. Because the compounds are specially made, the pharmaceutical company should be able to assist you with a repeat of the same combination.

Final Words

Compound medications can certainly be beneficial, especially when it comes to taking your medications. However, since it can be a complex process and it concerns your health, proper caution must be observed.

Ensure that you have consulted a medical professional and that the compound medication is manufactured by a reputable pharmaceutical company or mixed by a pharmacy accredited and licensed to do so.

Additionally, remember to follow your prescriptions accordingly and never share your medication with anyone else. The medications are specifically made with your needs in mind and would not be suitable for others to use.

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