Drivers in South Carolina put their lives at risk. S.C has among America’s worst traffic fatality rates.

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Despite a 12 cents per gallon gas tax, drivers in South Carolina are most likely to put their lives and the lives of others at risk, as the state has one of the worst traffic fatality rates in the country.

The South Carolina General Assembly in 2017 approved a 12 cents per gallon gas tax. According to the South Carolina Department of Transportation: In 2017, The General Assembly passed legislation to increase the State gas tax by 12 cents by phasing in the increase at 2 cents per year for six years. These funds are deposited into a new trust fund called the Infrastructure Maintenance Trust Fund (IMTF). These new revenues, coupled with other Federal and State funds, form the Financial foundation of SCDOT’s ten year plan and performance targets.

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A recent study by TopAgency using public data, however, shows S.C. ranks near the bottom in road conditions, pedestrian fatalities, and car passenger fatalities.

** South Carolina ranks**

#9 Roads conditions

#49 Pedestrian roads fatalities

#50 Car passenger fatalities

#31 Bridges conditions

#32 Damns conditions


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