Elder Folks In Family Aren’t Sleeping Well? Here’s What To Do

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Imagine this – you see your grandparents lying in bed after getting up, feeling tired and worn out. They look drained out and not in their best form. 

Chances are, they may not be getting a good night’s sleep for a while. And maybe they didn’t want to share this with you as they didn’t want their children to get distracted from their work. 

As much as this is a sweet gesture from your elderly, you need to fix this problem if you notice they aren’t getting a good night’s sleep of late. 

So, what can you do about that? Where to get started? And to do?

Don’t fret; we’re here to help. 

The below tips will definitely help. 

Focus On Their Diet

Lean protein and complex carbs aid in a good night’s sleep. So, consider including fish, eggs, and chicken breast in your senior’s diet. Moreover, fruits with magnesium and potassium calm the nervous system while indicating to the brain that the body is ready for rest. 

Other food items you can consider:

  • Jasmine rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Popcorn
  • Bananas

All these foods increase the tryptophan levels in the body – an amino acid that leads to better sleep.

Dim The Lighting

Many seniors spend their evenings in front of the TV or a computer screen. After a day’s hard work, they feel it okay to watch a couple of shows before they retire for the day. 

However, the blue light of these gadgets doesn’t promote sleep. It also weakens eyesight. So, to ensure your seniors get sound sleep, here’s what you can do:

  • Install low-power bulbs in their bedroom
  • Make sure the curtains cover the windows to avoid any unnecessary light coming from outside.
  • Remove all gadgets at least one hour before their sleeping time.
  • Try not to have a Television in their bedroom. Encourage them to watch the TV in the living room, and once they step inside their bedroom, they can focus on sleeping. 

Focus On The Temperature

One of the biggest reasons seniors usually toss and turn in bed in the middle of the night must be because their body temperature isn’t apt.

This applies to people of all ages. 

Our skin regulates our internal body temperature through sweat. This means that if you’re covered in thick blankets or coats, your body may overheat, making you toss and turn all night long. 

Moreover, seniors feel cold and hot faster than younger people because their metabolism slows down a bit as time goes on. Furthermore, older skin is thinner, drier, and more prone to sensitivity such as itching. 

So, it is advisable to wear breathable fabrics that allow the skin to breathe well and avoid sweating during sleep. Wearing too-tight clothes or too loose can disturb sleep, so it is best to wear something that fits well but isn’t tight.

Make Them Exercise!

Get them to exercise in the morning to make them sleep like a baby in the night!

Regular physical activity can help seniors lead a normal life, feel less pain, and maintain a healthy body. Getting their blood pumping is not only good for the heart. It’s also good for other body parts, including the brain, as it fuels memory, sharpness, and concentration. 

A sedentary lifestyle, on the other hand, often leads to various physical and metabolic complications.

Depending on their physical fitness, you can enroll them in Yoga classes, weight training, or light-cardio sessions. 

Final Word

A good night’s sleep is undoubtedly the key to your senior’s overall fitness. Though the above-stated tips work perfectly, focusing on self help for the elderly will also go a long way. 

Seniors tend to be happier when they know they can take care of themselves. You have to ensure they do just that. The best way to do so is by engaging them in everyday leisure activities. 

Which tip did you like the most? Let us know in the comments!

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